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Guerlain’s Spring Glow Makeup Collection 2016

A Base For Radiance

A radiant glow, a vibrant complexion, a dash of yellow to make eyes sparkle, and a touch of blush for cheeks that flush when you smile… The Spring Glow collection is an explosion of happiness, a celebration of joie de vivre.

The Essential Primer

The Météorites Base is reborn in a new, faceted, crystal – clear bottle that reveals the gel formula held within. Ultra-bright, rosy pearls float in suspension and remain fresh and intact until the moment they’re applied.

More Luminous Skin
These pearls contain microspheres, which in turn contain encapsulated diamond dust. When applied to the skin, these microspheres diffract UV rays and reflect the light in a new direction, creating a halo of radiance. To complement this Stardust Technology, a high concentration of multi-coloured, ultra – fine pearlescent particles enhances the light diffusion. Gold, pink, blue, green… The different light reflections and unique blend of colours create a luminous glow that corrects the complexion – without ever creating too much shine.

Skin that stays fresh
The fresh texture gives the skin a beautiful ”plump” finish, while a blend of absorbent powders and a polymer helps to neutralise excess sebum and blur imperfections and fine lines. The result is a complexion that stays matte and even all day long.

Météorites Voyage


Exceptional Compacted Pearls of Powder – Refillable
Inside this precious silver case, with its delicately pearlized white lid, lie exceptionally compacted micro pearls in five different colours. Météorites Voyage is a superb expression of Guerlain’s expertise. Miniature pearls with exceptional powers are pressed tightly together in this travelfriendly compact to create the perfect mix of correcting and illuminating shades, designed to adapt to any skin tone. This ultimate combination of colour expertise and a luxurious formula will gladly accompany you anywhere!

The recipe for success, FOR A BEAUTIFUL BURST of freshness
Météorites Voyage features micro pearls produced by hand from precious pearlescent particles, for the “ultimate colour correction”. Not only do they brighten areas of shadow, they also make the curves of the face catch the light. Like a true luminosity and radiance booster, they highlight the complexion in all the right places.

FOR AN EXTRA DOSE of radiance
Stardust Technology works its light – revealing magic. UV rays, usually invisible to the naked eye, are diffracted by microspheres that contain encapsulated diamond dust. Light once invisible becomes visible.

SKIN looks softer and supple, thanks to an ultra – concentrated polymer and new – technology binding agents with a creamy texture. The pleasure is instant.


Absolutely irresistible, full of fun and delight, this spring’s new products just beg to be collected. Like little bubbles of happiness or good luck charms, they put the joy into colour.

THE PLEASURE of Blushing

This blush duo combines a satiny red with an incredibly delicate pink to reveal all the pleasure of loving spring. Upon opening the metallic red case, a message from Olivier Echaudemaison appears in the red side of the powder: “SMILE” in capital letters. Do as the blush says, then apply a touch along the curves of the cheekbones. To make life simple, a brush with red and pink bristles is included in the case, for easy touch-ups.

A SPARKLE of yellow

Écrin 1 Couleur introduces a new shade of buttercup yellow to brighten the eyelids and make eyes sparkle. Olivier Echaudemaison invites you to “ENJOY ” this mood – lifting hue and delight in the pleasure of making yourself beautiful. A double – tipped applicator, nestled in the champagne – coloured case, allows for precise application.

FOR EYES that shine with laughter

MASP16-210_s01 black jack_W_HD
The eyes are the mirror of your soul, and ours is irresistibly colourful, shaped and defined. It also delights in seducing…

The long – lasting Eye Pencil is available in five new shades:

01 Black Jack
04 Katy Navy
02 Jackie Brown
05 Khaki Driver
03 Deep Purple

A pencil sharpener is also included, as well as a precision applicator, so you can use the pencil in multiple ways. Create a kohl effect or outline the eyes; the new formula is water-resistant and provides long-lasting results.

GIVE the sweetest kisses

For the final touch of seduction, the KissKiss lipstick puts a radiant smile on your lips to match your happy mood. The KissKiss palette is enriched with two new shades:

371 Darling Baby – a light & luminous pink
372 All About Pink – a tender shimmering pink

Available in all major beauty retailers. Prices: Meteorites Base AED 320; Meteorites Compact Powder Travel AED 710; Rose aux Joues Pink Me Up AED 270; Eye Pencil AED 135; KissKiss Lipstick AED 190.