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Hacks For Organising Your Home

With our hectic daily schedules and family members rushing in and out of the door, it can sometimes result in our homes becoming less than organised than we’d like them to be. In fact, come dinner time our family living quarters may, in fact, have descended into a state of disarray. Luckily, there are a few easy hacks that you can implement into your home to help create organisation. Here, Anjali Goel, Head of Design of La Sorogeeka Associates, provides her top tips for organizing the home:

1. At the start
As the first place guests see as they enter, it is important to keep the entrance tidy from clutter. Provide a table with bowls in which items such as keys and loose change can be placed. Choose a console which has drawer storage in order to keep things organised and out of site. Alternatively, a small decorative trunk or box is a unique way to store items in the entrance. If you do not have a lot of space at the front of your home, try using vertical storage, such as a svelte storage unit that can hold keys, hats, and umbrella, which can be concealed behind a mirror or artwork.

2. What a pair
Once you get home, it is a common habit to kick off your shoes, making them easily left around to build up mess. Place a shoe rack inside a chest of drawers or opt for a tall cabinet with beautiful work on the shutters and open shelving inside, which will allow for the convenience of fitting any size shoe inside. Shoes can also be categorized and placed as peruse, with those you wear regularly placed at the front and the occasional choices at the back.

3. Coat Tales
Coats can be bulky and take up a lot of space. Placing a coat tree within the home is the best option to hang coats of different sizes. For something a little different, create a wall panel clad with leather, edged by a wooden frame and fixed hooks to create your own DIY wall coat hanger. As coats are not the nicest of decor, place coat racks in an area easily concealed by wall panels, doors or artwork.

3. Living it up
As the name suggests, the living room is the most “lived” in place within the home. To keep it organised, curate shelving and coffee tables which add to the decor but are functional as well. Try creating open niches of different sizes in wood or leather and hang them on a wall. Alternatively, a display unit of open shelves with glass and spotlights is apt for wall accessorization.

4. Coffee break
Nowadays, coffee tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Preferably choose one with drawers to fight clutter. You might also want to consider arranging decorative boxes on a coffee table for additional storage. A coffee table which can be opened is also a great choice for organizational needs or a table set with multiple levels can do the trick.

5. Time for bed
After the living room, the bedroom is the second area we spend most of our time. As this is a place for relaxation, you want to ensure you keep it tidy so as to be able to enjoy the serenity meant for space. Arrange the closet by dividing it into various categories, creating subsections for each type of item, such as hanging long coats, dress, trousers, etc, together. For drawer units, add a partition to separate accessories, including ties, scarves, socks, sunglasses, belts, and cufflinks. A jewellery tray for your vanity table is also a perfect way to be able to arrange pieces and be able to see all options available while accessorizing.