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Harley Street Medical Centre’s Nimue Rejuvenation Facial Treatment

I’m pretty skeptical about any treatment that claims to improve skin elasticity, texture and tone in just one sitting, but then I had never tried a Nimue treatment before. You see Nimue is a very clever brand that is a Derma-Cosmeceutical, meaning it is a skin care product that has pharmaceutical benefits for the superficial and deeper layers of the skin. The Rejuvenation Facial Treatment therefore promises that it is gentle enough for a dinner date afterwards, but effective enough to show results.

Keen to see these results on my lackluster, dull skin, I headed to the Harley Street Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi where experienced beauty therapist Wafa Anani, was on hand.

The treatment began with a gentle cleanse and conditioning of my face then an exfoliating enzyme was used. Packed with powerful enzymes from papaya and pineapple, the concoction is proven to digest dead skin cells and after several minutes of massaging it into my skin, my complexion was left feeling incredibly clean and soft to the touch.

Up next was a Bio Active Complex containing the right concentration of ingredients that when applied directly onto the face, it refines skin texture, reduces pore size as well as improving the skin’s suppleness. A rejuvenating mask, antioxidant serum and a spritz of Vitamin C Moisture Mist polished off the treatment.

At the end of the hour, my complexion is noticeably plumped and fresh. My face also feels strangely taut as if it’s been pulled up from the sides – not in a scary Bride of Frankenstein way, but more like I’ve just had a relaxing two-week holiday. This treat works as advertised and the Nimue products smell and feel delicious.

Nimue Rejuvenation Facial Treatment, AED 450 (prices may vary between clinics), available at The Harley Street Medical Centre, 02 613 3999 or visit www.hsmc.ae