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Hydro Massage and CryoFacial by Ice Queen Wellness and Spa

Fitness and Beauty are common features when it comes to Ice Queen’s notion of beauty. Here, KM went along to put their signature Hydro Massage and CryoFacial therapies to the test…

Unlike other spas and fitness centres, Ice Queen has distinguished themselves as sole service providers for ice and water pressure related therapies. Originated from Moscow, it claims to provide the best and safe way for weight reduction, improvement of skin‘s quality, rejuvenation, extension of life and psychological health.

IMG_1187We started with the treatment of Hydro Massage, which is based on the therapeutic use of warm water to add pressure to areas of the human body to increase blood circulation and to relieve muscular pain. This massage is well conceptualised because it requires people to sit in a bath tub overflowing with spring water, followed by pressures being applied to the body through a water pump.

Advantages of Hydro Massage are:

  • 3 times more effective than ordinary massage
  • Your tissues are not at risk of injury from the massage
  • It promotes skin peeling, which promotes a new soft, silky and supple skin
  • it’s a soothing and anti-cellulite massage

Once treated under water, you’re taken to CryoCapsule, an ice machine that normalises metabolism and reduces weight. An individual is required to stay within the CryoCapsule for 2 minutes to apply ice pressure on the prominent fatty areas of the body and to freeze pressures previously imposed by the Hydro Massage.

The combination of both Hydro massage and CryoCapsule is known to give you complete vitality, strength and mental refreshment.

The CryoCapsule experience is followed by a CryoFacial.

This treatment uses the local application of pressurised liquid nitrogen vapours applied to the face and neck. The extreme dry cold stimulates the production of collagen and decreases pore size. The skin is made to feel tighter after rigorous pressure massages in order to achieve improved blood circulation.

KM’s Verdict on the treatments:

The Hydro massage was very relaxing and effective. The side effects of the pressure were felt on the fatty spots for the next two days after which you actually do feel ‘lighter’! The massage requires 4-5 sessions for complete skin firming and weight loss, but it proved quite effective after just one session. KM highly recommends this treatment.

As far as the CryoFacial was concerned, it left the skin very dry and peeling. The pore size did not reduce, but the skin felt tighter. We wouldn’t recommend this to people with dry skin. Created especially for mature skin, it is ideal for those who are having troubles with both oily and sagging skin.

More Information
The Hydro massage costs AED 350 (The CryoCapsule treatment on its own costs AED 400).

The CryoFacial costs AED 200.

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