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Institut Esthederm Paris Introduces Pure System Pore Refiner Concentrate

PURE SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY Re-balances the skin by enhancing sebum fluidity.

Active ingredients
Sebum regulator (zinc gluconate, vitamin B6 sophorose lipids): inhibition of secretion of sebum, bactericidal action.
Sebum corrector (dodecyl gallate): prevents the thickening of sebum and regulates its flow.
Laminaria saccharina: detoxifying.
Matifying and astringent complex (agaric acid extracted from the Fomes Ocinalis mushroom and absorbing powder): reduces pore size, renes the skin grain, and absorbs the sebum.

A multi-target effect on the causes of the appearance of the skin’s imperfections. A deep skin detoxication. A lasting more uniform complexion.

TIME CONTROL SYSTEM PATENT (TCS) Preservation of youth capital. Younger skin for longer.

Active ingredients
Creatine: stimulates mitochondrial activity through the formation of ATP.
Anti-free radicals complex (superoxide dismutase and vitamin E): reinforces the anti-free radicals resources in the skin. It works at different levels to protect the skins cells from damage caused by internal and external aggressions.

Maintaining an optimal metabolism for the skin over time. Continuously slowing down the skin ageing process.
Preservation of youth capital, for a skin sustainably younger.

CELLULAR WATER PATENT Optimizes the vital functions of the cells.

Active ingredients
Inspired by the water of the skin (water, ATP, carnosine, mineral salts): optimizes the energetic environment of the cell and boosts the ecacy of the skin core .

An energized skin functions at its maximum capacities.


A real treatment to perfect the skin. This concentrate refines the pores and gives the skin’s texture a more uniform and healthy complexion.

Specific active ingredients: Concentrated agaric acid that reduces the size of the pore.

Benefit: Immediate matte skin, throughout the day. The skin’s texture is more refined. The skin is normalized.

Texture: Fresh, light cream that quickly absorbs and leaves skin velvety.

Instructions for use: On clean and dry skin. Apply to the face in the morning alone or before your regular treatment cream. Excellent makeup base. It can also be used on specic areas that are prone to more problems, T-zone.