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An Exclusive On LaLaQueen And The Brand’s Founder Sally Sarieddine

As Middle East flourishes in its style goals and aesthetic landscapes in the midst of chaos, Sally Sarieddine, the founder and the creative director behind LaLaQueen keeps the spirit of designing alive and well in her optimistic aura. We take you on with her from here on…

Q: As we read through your profile, we found out your love for creative energy as you shifted from theatre to advertising and then designing. How does that make you feel as an artist?

The shift makes me feel like my creative energy is in constant challenge and has a freshness that keeps it special. I love channeling my creativity in different projects. It gives me the opportunity to do everything that I love without any boundaries.

Q: What has designing taught you about yourself? Has this influenced your notion on what you felt for life?

Design has taught me a lot of things. The most important is to know when to be ‘stubborn’, and yes, everything that I do influences what I feel for life.

Q: We at KM love your idea about the whole Dr. Bag concept. There are very few people who would ever associate something as spiritual and intense as healing to a handbag. How do you want your consumers to reflect on the Dr. Bag besides just using it for an accessory purpose?

When carrying a Dr. Bag I would like my customers to reflect and spread their positive vibes everywhere they go, because kindness does matter.

Q: Tell us something about the word ‘healing’ that you’ve come to associate with your designs. What does it conjure up in your mind? Is it about soul or our overall health? Is it an abstraction of an ancient Eastern Philosophy that you would like your designs to identify with?

Yes, words carry a lot of meanings and truths in them. The Dr. Bag is inspired by an actual vintage Dr. Bag found on a treasure hunt in Florence and this lead to my LaLaQueen fusion of vintage and modern which is evident through all my collections. The link between fashion and healing is paralleled not only through the inspiration of the shape in a literal context but also my promise of a conscious fashion label. I commit to being ethical, sustainable and I want to allow conscious customers to shop with peace of mind. I use locally sourced materials, less chemicals, no waste, reused and recycled materials where I can.

Q: Lebanon is regarded as Middle East’s France after seeing the popularity of designers like Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. What makes Lebanon so aesthetically inclined according to you? Are there cultural factors creating this trend?

Lebanon’s natural landscaping is what makes it special. The greens, the blues and the sunsets here are magical. The cultural factors here create diverse ways and opportunities which can be a source of inspiration to many.

Q: When and how did you realize you wanted to be a designer?

It started as a hobby after I completed fashion design courses in Central Saint Martins in London. In 2010, I designed and produced a collection of bags with the help of my friend at the time Lana Chbaro, that were noticed by my friend Nouf Al Saud, who invited me to Saudi to exhibit my collection. After selling out the collection at the exhibition I decided to focus my attention on starting a handbag label. My life coach at the time Michelle Chedotal helped me unify my vision whilst Narimane Kurdi, a luxury marketing consultant, guided my business decisions.

Q: To end this, can you share with us your life lesson as an artist?

I am still in the process of learning new things every day, so as an artist be open to learn and explore.

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