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Getting To Know The Founders Of Dubai Based Afghan Gourmet, Kishmish…

Kishmish, Dubai’s first gourmet Afghan street and soul food restaurant, first opened its doors to Dubai’s Dar Al Wasl mall in February. The authentic Afghan eatery tells the tale of three patriotic Afghan women with a shared love for food, nostalgia for home, and a mutual dream: to share the riches and comforts of Afghan food with the world.
Iman, Fatima and Homaira, the founders, have been family friends for generations, whilst they grew up outside of their native land, each of them holds an innate appreciation for their history, rich culture and, of course, their native tongues. Having grown up learning of their culture over traditional Afghan meals, the trio found a unique bond between the cuisine and the celebration of their native cultures. Kishmish is the actualization of their dream, to bring the sights, sound and flavours of the bustling Kabul streets to the world – providing their patrons with an education through gastronomical experiences.