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Institut Esthederm’s Isabelle Benoit Shares Her Skin Mantra.

In an exclusive interview with KM, the Director of Scientific Innovation for I.E gives us her best skin care advice and talks briefly about herself.

KM: With a wide range of skincare brands in the Middle East that boast of “high end technology” that pars excellence breaking the status quo of traditional skincare/DIY methods, how does Institut Esthederm stand out in the race for the best innovative skincare?

Isabelle: All the ingredients in the products of Institut Esthederm are 100% natural ingredients; we respect the nature of the skin and our products are specifically designed to work in accordance to the natural functioning of the skin. Our skin is naturally programmed to change throughout the year. Our mission is to optimize the natural resources of the skin. We implement extraordinary natural resources and this is why there are no side effects in our innovations. It is our goal to ensure that a woman’s skin should feel like that of a baby’s bottom.

KM: What benefits does the Active Repair skincare line from Institut Esthederm promise to the women of Middle East who are exposed to harsh sunlight most of the year, and how is the line in sync with the weather conditions?

Isabelle: The objective of the Active Repair is to work within the multiple layers of the skin to help fight external aggression. At a young age, the signs of ageing are not visible but the actions are taking place and so our goal is to fight off those unseen signs of ageing. Reduction of collagen takes place in hot regions the most such as in the Middle East and we aim to fight the negative reactions through Active Repair. The Active Repair also helps in bringing back the natural glow to the skin, the glow we were all naturally born with. The Active Repair is specifically important to fight off rough and course skin and cures pimples caused due to rough skin.

KM: Most people in this region suffer from 3-4 different kind of skin issues at the same time. Like for instance, I have dry skin that leans towards the combination zone, with random breakouts, blackheads/whiteheads with big pores and scar issues and sadly there is no skincare range I have heard of out there that solves all the issues at the same time. Does Institut Esthederm promise to look into such multiple skin issues when creating their line?

Isabelle: The Protocol of I.E. is a step by step skincare regime. We have a minimum of four procedures that could help all your problems.

  • First and foremost, cleanse your skin gently, without aggression. When you use hard soap or use rough motions to fight off external problems, the skin becomes dry and dead and you end up losing natural moisture from the dermis. The missing of natural hydrolysis in our dermis would harm the skin. We recommend gentle deep pore cleanser.
  • Rather than using rough motions, massage your skin more while washing your face.
  • Exfoliate twice a week.
  • Tap water in Dubai can be terrible for the skin. We recommend our cellular water from I.E.
  • Never leave your house without a sun protection.

KM: Now keeping all skincare issues aside, what has been your biggest achievement as the Director of Scientific Innovation for Institut Esthederm, and why?

Isabelle: The cellular water I have made for the brand is my biggest achievement. Our goal was to ensure that it turns out to be the best water for the skin and we have received extremely positive reviews on it. Since demineralised water is not good for the skin, the cellular water works like a magic. With its success and being expensive, we have designed all our products with 70% cellular water as an ingredient. Only at I.E. has this water been demonstrated as the most efficient ingredient, other skin care ranges are made of plain water.

KM: What is your favorite line from the many products supplied by Institut Esthederm, and why? What products do you use on yourself when in need for a quick skin fix?

Isabelle: My Favorite product is the Derma Repair. It is a serum and is very powerful on the skin surface. It works efficiently on the dermis and the dermis, as we all know, is the foundation of skincare. Due to excess exposure of the skin to harsh climates, it works the best. It fights  sun damage and prevents wrinkles from resurfacing. It also takes away acne scars but does not cure acne.

KM: How did you get into the skincare industry? And what appeals to you most when it comes to beauty?

Isabelle: I received my qualifications in organic chemistry. After my graduation, I joined the skincare industry by introducing my active ingredients for skincare products. Initially, I was introducing my special ingredients to all the skincare brands that I knew at the time, but I was given an offer from I.E. and since then I have worked for them.

Great skin is most appealing when it comes to beauty. In fact, the motto of our founder at I.E. is, “I didn’t design to make a woman beautiful, they are beautiful.” And this is why our goal has always been to bring out the beauty of a woman that she was blessed with.

My mission is to make skin so beautiful that women don’t have to feel the need to wear foundation as a makeup. Good skin is beautiful enough. We need to value our natural skin, I personally like to avoid foundation.

KM: Lastly, what is the Holy Grail beauty advice you would like to give to women regarding skincare and beyond?

Isabelle: Respect your skin a lot. Avoid stressing and sleep early and wake up early. Maintain a uniformed skin care routine (for instance, cleansing twice a day, weekly exfoliation, protecting the skin from over exposure to the sun and maintaining a very healthy diet.) Last but not the least, avoid wearing too much makeup, it makes the skin worse and slowly you get more dependent on makeup to cover all the bad spots that you got from the harsh chemicals preserved in the makeup. It is a vicious paradox.

 For More info on Institut Esthederm, visit the website – http://www.esthederm.com/en