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The Method – An Interview with Hairstylist Rossano Ferretti.

Raised in a small Italian village to a family with two generations of history in the craftsmanship of hairdressing, celebrity hairstylist Rossano Ferretti is the creator of “The Method”, a hairstyling technique that uses no trends or style, but rather follows the natural movement of the hair giving his clients a feeling of personal fulfillment.

KM went along for an exclusive interview with Mr. Ferretti on his thoughts on beauty and hair.

1. As a well experienced stylist, what do you think of hair trends in the Middle East?

I don’t believe in trends and neither do I believe in style. I develop my own method and I believe in techniques. I feel trends are useless because they keep coming and going out of fashion and that is not my philosophy on the standards of beauty. A woman’s hair should be personal, a reflection of who she is as a human being. You have to follow the hair and not let the hair get moulded to certain trends. Besides, different cultures have different concepts on the subject of beauty and for that reason, they are special the way they are.

2. Where did you get the inspiration for your ‘Motion Fall’ technique?

Motion Fall came into my mind when I decided that my notions of beauty would be all about a natural and effortless look and we live by those ideas. Even when you see us using scissors, we aren’t architecturally shaping hair but we are following the natural fall of the hair as if one has never had a haircut in one’s life. My client’s hair should always reflect her personality.

3. What makes Italian barbers special?

It is not just about Italians barbers, it is about the Italian people. We as people are special. We see beauty in every corner of life and this is why we have contributed to so many disciplines. For instance, you will not find Italian designed shoes anywhere else in the world unless they’re exported. Every nation has contributed to a unique set of ideas and that is what creates a niche. Though I have travelled to so many countries in my life and loved wanderlusting, I always feel the urge to be in Italy because it has attributes that no country would ever have, besides being my home of course.  So yes, Italians are special in their own way.

4. What are your biggest achievements in the beauty industry that you’ve been most satisfied with?

I have no achievements. I have been in the industry for decades but I am always learning. My real achievement will be fulfilled when I have taken my last breath working for this profession.

5. Who is your favorite celebrity to work with?

To me, every client is a celebrity. They are all special to me and each one of their personalities is like a treat. I love getting to know people and each one of them is exceptional in their own way and that makes my job easier for me.

6. How do you manage editorial shoots, considering the model is a client and she’s got no say in regards to the editor’s creative energy for a feature?

That is exactly why I haven’t touched editorial or publication related jobs in the last 20 years. If my client or model does not feel herself in a look then that isn’t a look to me, but instead, is a compromise regarding beauty. It is sad to see how often people underestimate the power of effortless beauty.

7. What would be your advice to budding hairstylists?

As I have many hair salons and spas all over the world, I feel privileged to have been a speaker at a few seminars and talk shows about career tips to new comers and how I could advise them on becoming successful. I have barely attended these seminars myself, and allowed my assistants to speak on behalf of me. I feel a creative profession should give creative freedom and I let my staff speak for themselves and my philosophy on beauty. Besides that, I allow them to create a free creative environment for themselves and to always stay unique. Different is the key, and I will always preach this to any new comer, be it a hairstylist or a designer.

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Rossano Ferretti has founded more than 20 salons around the globe, experiencing vigorous expansion and growth, and sharing the Method and his vision for beauty with the world. Rossano’s approach is to work in an extremely qualitative way, bringing his luxuriously customized vision to hairdressing, and thus constantly improving and inspiring the global industry. Therefore a Rossano Ferretti salon is a wonderful sensory experience, where every moment centers around well-being and utter luxury. The salons are also located in historical spaces that have been refurbished and include artifacts and detailing unique to that proportions culture.