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Master of Turkish Couture: An Interview with Rasit Bagzibagli

Glamour and luxury exemplify the unparalleled collection of couture in Turkish Fashion Designer Rasit Bagzibagli’s dresses, bringing out every woman’s natural femininity and elegance with every drape and shimmer. As a curious 8-year-old, Rasit saw fashion in a reverie of bold colors, crepes, and silks and drawing inspiration from his mother’s couture fittings, decided to become a Fashion Designer at the tender age of 12. Rasit set up his first atelier at his family business in 2007, releasing his first female couture collection aged 21 and by 2013 he had presented his first ready-to-wear collection named RASHID, debuting in Paris Fashion Week – an immediate hit. Here at KM, we talk to the gentleman who specializes in feminine elegance that brings out the best in women

What drives you most towards haute couture in the fashion genre?

My family has been in the Fabric business for decades – 60 years now, so designing and fashion came very naturally to me, it’s in my DNA. I was brought up with beautiful fabrics, had my shorts made for me at a very young age, and was eventually introduced to Haute Couture. This began my spark in fashion designing at the age of 12, I did my first show when I was 21, setting up my atelier business in 2007.

Who are your favourite celebrities that you have enjoyed designing for? Is there any particular Hollywood celebrity that you’d like to dress up?

Turkish Celebrities Tuba Büyüküstün and Nurgul Yesilçay, Meryem Uzerli, Berguzar Korel and Fahriye Evcen and top Lebanese singer Elissa have all been dressed by me. The dresses bore evidence of my unfading passion, from the timeless elegance of intricate lace detailed with flattering underlining colour palettes that celebrate every bold colour imaginable, midnight blues, deep plums and fiery reds.
I would absolutely love to dress Jennifer Lopez! I love the way she dresses and carries herself. She personifies class.

You have been quite driven to create exquisite designs for women to celebrate their femininity and regality. What, according to you, makes a woman the most beautiful and why?

For me, elegance makes a woman the most beautiful. Elegance is timeless and effortless style. It is literally graciousness in action and possessing confidence and simplicity. Elegance refers to an overall style of the people in every situation. The way they talk, carry themselves, their posture etc.
Quick and easy styling tips would be, firstly, we all should know our body really well, what we love the most. It is essential to be comfortable in our own skin, love ourselves first. One should know the dress code, according to the place you’re going; life is pretty busy here in Dubai, everyone’s on the go. People find themselves going to 2-3 events per day; I would suggest that women should keep it minimal, have simple dresses in your wardrobe and accessorize it well. Less is always more!

Would you ever venture into other fashion genres such as Ready-to-wear, menswear, and resort?

I already have a ready to wear line called RASHID. My father and my brother also do menswear and they are the best in tailoring.
They dress Turkish celebrities such as Murat YILDIRIM and Burak Ozcivit. I hope that one day, I will collaborate with them.

What according to you makes or breaks a couture look keeping the creative energy aside?

Creativity runs within me for generations. Inspiration and knowledge of fabrics makes or breaks a couture look and it came easy as I had earlier joined the family business DEVRIS BAGZIBAGLI – a luxury fabric provider for 3 generations. Favoruite fabric changes every season. However, chiffon has remained my constant for years. Recently I have found a favorite in organza too.

And finally, what are your words of wisdom for aspiring designers and stylists?

The simplest and happiest moment for me is seeing my clients content with my designs – this is my true motivation and what gets me going during tough times. If you work hard and you have a good heart, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

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