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Introducing: Carolina Herrera Eaux de Toilette Confidential



Eaux de Toilette Confidential collection is a culmination of the House of Herrera’s mastery in the creation of fragrances: 6 fresh unisex perfumes but with powerful and long-lasting scents.

Virgin Mint
Virgin Mint is an effervescent aromatic fragrance, in which the leaves of Nana spearmint, the main protagonist, are crushed and submerged into a bath of sparkling bergamot. The fragrance is topped with a generous splash of vetiver and unexpected blend of citruses.

Rose Cruise
Sharing a fresh a luminous structure of mandarin and black currant, Rose Cruise finishes with a voluptuous body of the queen of flowers: rose, interlaced as an elegant trio of damask rose, centifolia rose and Bulgarian rose.

Bergamot Bloom
Bergamot Bloom is fresh and vibrant out of the bottle, but little by little it turns floral. The grandiflorum jasmine, gentle and smooth at first, shifts to the sensual and suggestive, while the ginger and lemon ground the scent’s vital citrus character.

Vetiver Paradise
Neroli and cardamom create a bridge between a robust base of vetiver blurred by citrus notes. Born from mineral-saturated terrain, vetiver unfolds a combination of wood and earthy complexity with a mineral undertone of sand toasted by the sun.

Orange Affair
Citrus shines in the company of the orange blossom which radiates resplendence and beauty, while rhubarb acid adds olfactory color. Floral notes soften the refreshing lightness that’s grounded by velvety almond and sensual tonka bean.

Blond Jasmine
Blond Jasmin is an impeccable fragrance with a precise formula. With all facets of jasmine as the star ingredient in this fragrance, these layers unfold a beautiful fusion of imperial Sambac Jasmine from Coimbatore, India, then subsumed by Egyptian magnolia. This mixture is then distilled by Vert de Mandarin and Cedrat Oil at the same time highlighted with Chypre and Musks.


Paying tribute to the artisanal craft of the House of Herrera, this collection includes two pure elixirs: Blossom and Citrus. Both elixirs are formulated uniquely so that, when combined with the fragrances, they create unique and totally personalized scents. The mixing of six fragrances and two elixirs makes infinite layers possible, with endless scent profiles possible.

Blossom Elixir
Blossom Elixir highlights the essence of orange blossom. It’s at first floral then exuberant, revealing little by little its subtle complexity. Just as the most refined complements of fashion, it is the final note that brings together the fragrance’s greatness from just a drop of citrus. “Blossom Elixir adds a touch of clarity to any aroma,” says Carolina.

At first floral, then opulent and rich, Blossom Elixir unveils its elegant complexity and wears on the skin as a magnificent companion. The essence is like the perfect accessory to a great outfit. That last note of orange blossom elevates the greatness of any essence.

Citrus Elixir
Exquisitely sophisticated with alluring charm, the Citrus Elixir is an absolute essence of freshness that enriches the experience of each fragrance’s inspired destination chosen by Carolina Herrera de Baez. “Citrus Elixir is a natural energy stimulus for any fragrance” says Carolina.
Bergamot exudes a most beautiful freshness as the base of Citrus Elixir. Originating in Calabria, Italy, this fruit brings vibrant sharpness and sparkling intensity of the Mediterranean air, where the warm breeze smells of sun, sea and citrus.



Layering of perfume stems from an old technique originating from the Arab world. This art starts with applying elixirs directly to the wrist, then adding the fragrance. As part the mixing process, new aromas are created that bring out the potency of the ingredients, and leave a lasting smell on the skin and at the same time, unfold a totally unique and special perfume.

For Eaux de Toilette Confidential, two pure elixirs were created that are first applied to the skin and then are combined with any of the six fragrances. With each mixture is a discovery of a world full of nuances and textures to experience. Each combination offers new scents, creating unique perfumes totally personalized that are the true essence of the art of layering.

The layering ritual consists of applying 2 or 3 drops of elixir to the wrist and then vaporizing the fragrance on top of the elixir. This technique has several benefits: firstly, to extend the palette of fragrances by creating a unique and totally personalized fragrance. The elixirs, pure in their maximum potential, hydrate the skin like whirlwinds of water. In addition, the essential oils have a lower volatility degree than an alcoholic fragrance and when combining an elixir with a fragrance allows to enhance the durability and freshness of the mixture.