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Issey Miyake Launches L’Eau D’Issey City Blossom

Asserted olfactory angles

L’Eau d’Issey, born in 1992 from a beautiful olfactory signature, shook up the world of perfumery with its groundbreaking trail, the purity of its notes and the obvious simplicity of its message.

Recognisable amidst all others, and standing proud against the influences of fashion, it was able to rise through the ranks of iconic fragrances at once timeless, pure and aesthetic.

What Issey Miyake created in 1992 was nothing less than a new vision of femininity. An essential and surprising brand of femininity with no artifice, far removed from established codes.

City and nature, sparkling together

Today, nature’s foray into the heart of the city is the new challenge launched by the brand, as it once again casts all clichés aside: because the city is not monotonous nor is it monochromatic; it knows how to surprise those living within its walls. The signature of Issey Miyake’s new spring fragrance City Blossom is life in bloom.

The brand invited Alberto Morillas and the visual street artist Mademoiselle Maurice to unleash their creativity on the new limited edition for spring 2015.

When winter is drawing away and spring approaching, nature reasserts itself, even in the city.

Flowers beneath the pavement…

Reticent at first, then bolder, the flowers which accompany this transformation are as inexorable as the passing seasons, revealing their radiant fragrance and gleaming colours to urban-­‐dwellers.

Flawless flowers on show in the windows of the most beautiful florist shops, scattering their sophisticated foliage on the pavements are the central theme for this new fragrance.

There are no “wild flower” bouquets here, amusingly captured by a perfumer to incite countryside nostalgia among urbanites. This is the opposite approach: the flowers of the city blossom on the walls and saturate the air with their warmth, in the literal and figurative senses of the word.

This very resonance transforms the figurative flowers on which the perfumer Alberto Morillas focused his creation into a divine spring breeze: the bright and cheerful opening like the signs of changing seasons, pink peppercorn, and a sprinkling of citrus notes, not forgetting a hint of calone, a nod to the legendary L’Eau d’Issey: the first quiverings of a bud that will soon be blossoming. In dewy surroundings, the freshness is accentuated with middle notes that resonate beneath delicately honey-­‐like osmanthus flowers, an invitation to travel – to the other side of the city – offered by freesia and magnolia: reserved and measured, the flower chose to retain its mystery by only opening halfway. Then with the bottom notes made up of natural Virginia white cedar dominated by powerful notes of ambrox and white musk, this imaginary bouquet takes shape and draws its energy, “texturising” itself like the petals of a flower which finally touch the skin…the flower opens out completely, serenely, in a subtle mingling of charm and boldness.

“I have great admiration for L’Eau d’Issey, and while I have met the challenge of creating a temporary reinterpretation of it, I have the greatest respect for the values it has conveyed since its creation.”A. Morillas


In order to underline the poetry and fleeting beauty of this new fragrance, and to ensure that the subtlety of this ode to spring is visual as well as aromatic, Issey Miyake invited a young French visual street artist, Mademoiselle Maurice, to produce an ephemeral work that would represent joy and poetry. Through her interpretation of the L’Eau d’Issey advertising campaign, the iconic bottle and its box, the visual identity of City Blossom was born, the same way a chrysalis that has become a butterfly prepares itself to swirl around in the lights and tumult of the city…

Falsely vulnerable. Truly desirable. Totally evasive.