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Jalan Sahbá Unveils the Inspired L’odissea Collection

The highly anticipated release of the new collection by luxury handbag designer Jalan Sahbá, officially launches today. L’odissea collection: distinctive, exotic and inspired by diverse and rich visual cultures. L’odissea is set to emerge as one of 2015’s most memorable collections.

Stirred by the exultation and insight of global travel, L’odissea is embedded with a distinctly sophisticated and unquestionably sultry lure. Creamy calf leather, masterfully hand-carved semi-precious stones and tinged metals come together to create a timelessly iconic collection. Sahba’s seamless juxtaposition of diverse materials make for a bold, sophisticated and distinctive contribution.

Jalan Sahba - 01L’odissea embodies the astute allegiance between the conviction of Italian craftsmanship and the intriguing aesthetics of inspired global design.

Ms Sahbá explains, “I credit my affinity for art, culture and design to my rich multicultural lineage, artistic background and innate aesthetic sensibility. These influences are entrenched at the heart of each creation.”

Launched in 2011, the brand is the creative project of trained interior designer, art connoisseur and fashion enthusiast, Jalan Sahbá. As an Italian born artiste with American/Iranian heritage and life experience in India, Kenya and Mozambique, Sahbá’s work is an intriguing blend of contemporary style and ethnic inspired aesthetics. Her experience traversing four different continents has broadened her insight, nurtured creativity and fortified her identity as a true global designer.

Ms Sahbá reveals, “My work is entirely inspired by enchanting visual cultures and an underlying appreciation for superior Italian artisanship. Over the years I have had the privilege of living in and experiencing an array of exotic countries. I’ve built a distinct brand with a passion for fine artistry, luxurious materials and original design inspired by our collective visual heritage.”

Jalan Sahba - 02Every Jalan Sahbá piece is handcrafted in Italy using the finest quality materials sourced from across the globe. Exclusively tanned hair-on leather fosters resilience, rich textures and a sumptuously rich feel. The brand’s signature horn-shaped stone embellished clasps have also made Jalan Sahba’s work instantly recognisable among the fashion forward crowd. The stones are expertly hand-carved by one of India’s last remaining royal jewelers by using semi-precious stones such as amethyst, lemon quartz, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, amazonite and smoky quartz.

Sahbá’s work has received overwhelming global attention and garnered international press from an array of prestigious publications including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, W magazine to name a few. Vogue (China) graciously named the Ophelia clutch as “one of the most splendid of 2013” while Harper’s Bazaar pegged Jalan Sahbá as “the season’s statement brand.” Sahbá’s pieces have graced celebrities, movie stars, artists and even royalty. L’odissea builds on the brand’s global allure and is expected to receive a tremendous reception from the fashion heavyweights across the world.

To find out more about Jalan Sahbá, browse the refined L’odissea collection and explore the complete back catalogue of luxury hand-stitched bags, visit: www.jalansahba.com