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Kaya Skin Clinic’s Skin regenerating Youth ExCell range

Kaya Skin Clinic, the largest skincare clinic chain in the region, has recently launched the Kaya Youth ExCell range, a breakthrough research in plant stem cell. Kaya’s dermatological experts introduce the Youth ExCell range infused with the protective and regenerative advantages of plant stem cells from the Argan tree for a tighter, firmer and deeply rejuvenated skin basking in the glory of youthful radiance.

With age, the skin loses its shine and luster. Harsh sunrays, environmental damage and stress all make skin the first victim to ageing. The skin begins to thin out and loses its ability to repair itself with age. Exposure of skin to UV rays causes age spots, which in turn leads to wrinkles, loose skin with lines and damage over the years.

Youth Excell range consists of the Derma Collagen Intense Solution, Derma Stemness Benefactor and the Derma Stemness Reviving Serum. The range is an all-inclusive way of dealing with aged, tanned and sagging skin. It’s a skin deep process of rejuvenation, it works by reducing the depth of wrinkles and increasing the collagen production. Youth Excell restores the skin’s elasticity making it firmer and plump full of dewy glow.

Kaya’s revolutionary research has proved that this range will help activate the power to preserve the micro environment of skin cells and promote their regenerative capacity to tackle ageing from its very roots. This new range complements Kaya’s holistic approach to skincare, where the products are recommended along with the service to deliver better results. The products will only be sold at Kaya clinics when recommended by the Dermatologists, ensuring that they are suited for the skin type and compliment the service.

About Kaya Skin Clinic:

Kaya is the largest and best trusted chain of skincare clinics in the Middle East. Having the region’s largest pool of dermatologists in the region, Kaya takes care of over 150,000 clients at 18 clinics across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman. It’s cumulative knowledge and expertise gained from this unrivalled depth of experience makes the Kaya brand unique.

Combined with the deeply insightful approach and discerning adoption of technology, it empowers the clinic’s dermatologists to offer an extraordinary level of customized care – be it a skin or hair concern, or the quest for a more youthful look.

Prices: Derma Stemness Benefactor 50ml: AED 550; Derma Stemness Reviving Serum 50ml: AED 650; Derma Collagen Intense Solution 15ml: AED 550. For more information or to book an appointment, please visit: http://www.kayaskinclinic.me