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KM Tries Harklinikken Clinic’s New Restorative Shampoo

Special formula – clinically proven to increase hair quality, vitality and volume

Harklinikken’s Restorative Shampoo is a uniquely formulated shampoo that is clinically proven and time tested to improve the quality, vitality and density of hair. 12 years in the making, the shampoo is based on active ingredients from homegrown Burdock Root and contains Harklinikken’s proprietary Extract.

Extract is the cornerstone of Harklinikken’s hair loss program, an individually tailored and hand blended liquid, which when applied to the scalp results in a 30-60% increase in hair mass amongst candidates suited for treatment.

The Restorative Shampoo is the first Harklinikken product to contain Extract. It is deeply cleansing with great healing properties, and leaves the hair feeling hydrated. It controls sebum production, a contributing factor to hair loss caused by hormonal changes, and has soothing effects on the scalp due to its high content of natural glycosides and flavonoids.

As with all Harklinikken products, Restorative Shampoo is all-natural and consists of a unique combination of tannins, sterols, glycosides, fatty acids and fatty oils derived from Burdock Root Extract – leading to growth of the hair.

It contains no SLS, SLES, Perfume, Essential oils, Colour, Silicone, Petrochemicals or Parabens.

With all these benefits and clinically concocted active ingredients, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to put the shampoo to the test – not to mention, curious, about what the results would be… 

For starters, the slick contemporary bottle looks fabulous on the bathroom shelf and the simplicity of its packaging reflects its ‘no nonsense’ formula. This is a product that does exactly what it claims to and results can be noticed with days of usage. I normally only use conditioner every other day, so at first, I tried the Restorative Shampoo on its own. It wasn’t the most attractively scented shampoo I have used, but that didn’t distract from the immediate feeling of strength and vitality literally being ‘restored’ to my tresses. I have coloured hair, which often leaves it dry and damaged, so this was a perfect shampoo to put some life back into it.

The shampoo alone was a little drying on my hair, so as advised by The Harklinikken Clinic, I combined it with their Daily Conditioner the next time I used it and the difference was notable. My hair was obviously easier to brush when wet, but once I had dried it, it felt silky, smooth and strong and whereas, I am usually prone to greasy roots, this shampoo and conditioner combo prevented sebum production and my hair stayed cleaner and non-greasy for longer.

From my first experiences of using these products, I can definitely imagine that long term usage would bring much more lucrative results, especially for those with any hair loss or damage issues.


What Is The Harklinikken Clinic?
Harklinikken’s exclusive hair clinics are located in Denmark, Germany, Iceland, USA and Dubai. The clinics offer 100% customized treatment for hair loss, based on proprietary products, pioneering techniques and unique treatment systems. Founder Lars Skjoth has treated over 80,000 clients since the first Harklinikken opened in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1992. The company is now widely recognised as the leading hair loss treatment facility in the world, thanks not only to its unrivalled results but to an unwavering focus on ethics, transparency, and outstanding patient trust. www.harklinikken.ae

More Information
Restorative Shampoo is available at Harklinikken, Jumeirah, tel. +971 4 3855570