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Lancaster – Dare To Tan All Year Long

TAN PREPARER  – The 1st step in the Lancaster sun care ritual

The new range of Tan Preparer – to be applied 15 days before heading off to the sun – has been developed to prepare the skin so that it will tan better, and to improve the skin’s natural resistance.

The ideal way to administer sun primer products is by application on the skin. In fact, when applied topically, the active ingredients avoid being metabolised by the liver – which could happen if administered orally – and reach their target more directly.

An Innovative Sun Preparer
A targeted strategy:
Formulated with Lancaster’s exclusive Antioxidant Complex, the Tan Preparer range is enriched with white tea leaf extract and vitamin E and C derivatives. Depending on the formula, the complex is customised with other powerful antioxidants to boost the skin’s natural defences, to help fight against photo-ageing during sun exposure. The formula is also enriched with soy extract, an anti-ageing agent that helps boost skin quality, for better skin resistance.
Stimulate melanin without UV rays.

At the heart of the two Tan Preparer formulas lies the legendary Lancaster Tan Activator Complex. Enriched with a unique combination of extracts of sweet orange and urucum seeds – rich in beta-carotene – this complex stimulates melanin synthesis and improves its distribution within the skin, without any help from the sun. After applying the products for several days in a row, melanin gradually rises to the surface of the skin, enhancing its beauty. As soon as the skin is exposed to the sun, it starts developing an even and more luminous tan. Finally, thanks to glycerol (an active ingredient known for its moisturising benefits) Tan Preparer instantly goes to work, leaving skin more supple and beautiful.

A fresh mist for the body enriched with isoquercetin – an antioxidant that you can also find naturally in apples and ginkgo biloba – this hydrating water does more than just spray its melanin-boosting active ingredients onto the skin. Its scented formula seems to instantly whisk you away on holiday. More than skincare, it quenches skin’s thirst – and your desire for faraway places.

Consumer opinions*:
– 96% said skin is more resistant when exposed to the sun
– 96% said skin tans more easily without burning
* Consumer test – Tan Preparer Sun Preparing Hydrating Water – after 2 weeks of consecutive application on the body followed by 2 weeks of sun exposure – 54 volunteers.


Lancaster Sun Beauty - Tan Deepener Tinted Jelly SPF6 200ml - AED150
Tan Deepener, a deliciously silky, tinted jelly, one of Lancaster’s iconic products and its stand-out best seller, has taken another leap forward in the tanning – and glamour – stakes. With a new SPF 6 index, there is no limit to tanning even with optimal protection. It’s delicious texture and caramel colour will give any skin a golden glow.

Lancaster knows that a beautiful tan is the result of a high-quality protection. Today they offer their broadest sun protection ever in a new generation formula that combines optimal UVA/UVB protection with new infrared Technology, to further protect skin beauty from sun damage. This tinted body gel provides skin with an immediate glow while allowing you to obtain an even faster, deeper, flawless tan.

When do you need it?
If you have skin that rarely burns, always tans or is accustomed to the sun.

Beauty Tips:
Apply generously all over the body before sun exposure. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after swimming, perspiring, towelling or prolonged sun exposure. Avoid contact with clothing and other textiles. May stain.

Innovative Technology
Sun Beauty provides efficient, optimally combined UVA/UVB filters and, for a more complete protection, exclusive Infrared Technology. For a faster, deeper, flawless tan, these new generation formulas carry an updated, reinforced version of our patent-pending Tan Activator Complex (T.A.C.).

– Instant skin absorption 86%
– Satin silky finish 97%
– Faster tan with less exposure 95%
– Enhanced tan 97%

*Consumer Test in Spain / 73 women (18-68 y/o) – Having applied product in the sun (every 2 hours during sun exposure for 2 weeks).

Ready, Steady, Tan!
1. Prepare 15 days before you head off for the sun, every morning apply the Tan Preparer serum to the face. Spray the Tan Preparer mist over the body after showering. This daily treatment puts even more pleasure into preparing skin for the sun.
2. Protect and Tan
During sun exposure, generously and regularly apply Sun Beauty Tan Deepener Tinted Jelly SPF6. That way, you can ensure unrivalled protection against both UV and infrared rays.

Point of Sale:
Available in pharmacies and perfumeries.