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With Paris Fashion Week just around the corner, UAE Nationals and expats alike will be descending upon the French capital seeking culture, fashion and the much sought after, European city buzz. Le Royal Monceau proves to be the ultimate Parisian haven, that luxury aficionados love! It has it all…. Art, superb dining options, unparallelled luxury and most importantly, a stellar location that is convenient to all major fashion shows.

Le Royal Monceau has developed an elaborate cultural policy, inviting customers to the art bookstore dedicated to contemporary art, a modern cinema, an art gallery, a private collection of over 300 works of art and a cultural service run by their ‘Art Concierge’.The common areas within the property have always been home to high fashion photoshoots given the rich history and monumental architecture within each space. The Grand Staircase for instance – multiplied endlessly by a play of mirrors reflecting Le Royal Monceau’s collection of chandeliers, which echoes with a half-forgotten melody as it rises to the upper floors and into the intimacy of the bedrooms, suites and private apartments.Le Royal Monceau epitomizes the ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ Parisian approach to life, offering a contemporary, yet vibrant urban haven where spontaneity, culture, art and refinement collide in a creative medley. With its 149 Parisian designed bedrooms and spacious suites, including 3 private apartments, the only contemporary palace in Paris is located only steps from the Arc de Triomphe and the Faubourg Saint-Honoré.