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L’Essentiel: Guerlain’s New Foundation That Promises a Flawless Complexion and a Natural Finish.

It’s been almost 100 years and foundation formulas have come and gone. However, with new age technology and increasing consumer demands, more and more women are requesting a foundation that provides good coverage but is undetectable to the common eye and very few foundations in the market achieve this. Guerlain has taken that need and converted it into their latest formulated edition called ‘L’essential Fond Te Teint.’

L’essentiel is unlike any other foundation out there in the market. We know this because KM have tried and tested the product personally. When you read about the product, it claims to provide 16 hour of wear and is hydrating with light to medium coverage made with the most natural ingredients you’ll ever find in the skincare range.

With this product, you are getting the best of both worlds: skincare benefits and a makeup fix. Ingredients such as cocoa bean help to moisturize the skin and red algae help to protect the skin from environmental aggressions and bacteria.

When we at KM tried and tested the product on our sensitive skin, we were blown away!

As a foundation, it blends itself flawlessly upon application. For someone who is not a pro makeup artist, this is an advantage as most foundations can be hard to apply and can end up looking blotchy if applied incorrectly. Luckily with this foundation, you get a foundation brush to help you achieve a fine facial canvas.

Once you have blended the product on your face to achieve your desired coverage, it makes pores appear smaller, helps to smooth out fine lines and airbrushes textured areas of the skin. For a makeup enthusiast, this is what we would call the perfect foundation base.

The shade match was easy too, it wasn’t too yellow and wasn’t too pink. The foundation comes in 30 shade ranges and there’s a perfect hue for women of all skin colors. When we wore the foundation, it looked like the perfect match for our skin and most importantly, it looked undetectable. When a foundation gives away that you’re wearing it, it is not a right foundation.

When you wear other face products on top of the foundation such as blush, highlight, bronzer etc the products blend in beautifully without moving the foundation underneath. The final look is a face that looks radiant and youthful without any texture or fine line in sight! That is a thumbs up from our beauty team!

The product feels as light as a water based moisturizer on the face. It doesn’t feel heavy like most foundations and lasted for a good 12 hours in our experience.

Last but not least, we had been testing this product for a week and found our pores shrinking thanks to the skincare benefits within it and we felt our moisture balance was getting back on track, prior to testing it, our skin felt dry and undernourished. So that’s a big bonus.

One disadvantage we would like to mention is that the product comes fragranced but the scent disappears after a few minutes. However, if you can look past that, it is an outstanding product that will take you from a meeting at 10 am to a ballroom party at 10 pm.

The Packaging

We would like to give a special nod to the foundation packaging as it was designed by world renowned designer and aesthetician Mathieu Lehanneur. In his own words, he mentions, “Finding the point of balance means managing to stop movement in space and time. For Guerlain, I worked with free, unconstrained forms and assembled them like cells. This bottle is a suspended object, like the subtle art of balance.”

Our Verdict

We highly approve of this foundation and we recommend that you try it once it is launched in the GCC.

More Information:

L’essential Natural Glow foundation is to be launched soon in the GCC in 2019.