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Linda Meredith at Emirates Palace

For beauty devotees around the world, the name of London-based facialist Linda Meredith is mentioned in hushed awe and her private phone number jealously guarded. The skin consultant to the stars- Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Kate Moss are said to be fans – has been in the beauty business for over 40 years, offering a more holistic approach to the skin with her botanical extracts and nourishing formulas.  She claims that you can get incredible results without going to the extremes of invasive treatments, with effective facials, consistent home care and good quality products.

So it is in pursuit of a better complexion without the downtime, that I find myself heading to the plush Emirates Palace Spa where the Linda Meredith line has just been exclusively unveiled in the UAE.

My therapist, Tiffany, from South Africa, warmly welcomes me into the Moroccan themed spa that is to be my sanctuary for the next 60 minutes. The smell of essential oils and fresh flowers waft throughout the labyrinthine corridors as I’m led to my treatment room.

Today, I’m having the signature Haute Couture Linda Meredith facial with an oxygen booster add -on. As Tiffany explains, this facial is for all skin types as it’s tailored to individual complexions making it a great introduction to the brand.

The treatment starts with a gel and cream cleanser which is liberally applied to my face followed by a hydrating gel to prep the skin for exfoliation. Up next is the exotic sounding, Amazon Enzyme Peel cream which contains papaya and pineapple enzymes to remove dead skin cells, promote cell renewal and create a more even skin tone. The thick, wonderfully smelling peel is left on my face for 20 minutes then removed with a warming hot towel.

Skin prepped and feeling incredibly clean, a Phyto 4 massage cream mixed with a serum containing a concentrated mix of essential oils is rubbed gently at first, and then more firmly into my skin. The massage itself is wonderful and really helps with lymphatic drainage, plus I’m told by Tiffany that this particular serum can directly soften fine lines and lift the skin.

The finale is the Oxygen treatment which claims to help with the production of collagen and elastin and re-energise the skin. Put simply, it is pure oxygen mist mixed with a serum and then directly misted onto my face and neck via a small tube. This is wonderful and probably the best part of the treatment. As I shut my eyes, the cooling vapour is cold and tingles on my skin, making me dream of a long walk in the Swiss Alps.

A final spritz of Hydrating Mist to refresh, some eye cream and then a slather of the infamous Amazon Cream – ingredients are a top secret, the results do the talking – and I am done.

The Verdict:

Immediately after the treatment I look as though I’ve eaten healthily and slept for days. There is no redness like you can get after other skin resurfacing treatments, and my face is glowing.  It looks like post-holiday, ultra-rested skin.

The next day my complexion was soft and clear and for the next few days, I was confident enough to skip the make-up. Result.

More Information
Haute Couture Facial by Linda Meredith, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. Tel: +971 2 690 7978. Enerbeauty.com