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Lip Cuddle! Wow by Wojooh

Wow by Wojooh launches its brand new Lip Cuddle collection in 6 yummy flavors these shiny flavored balms will not only keep your lips super hydrated and soft but they also smell DELICIOUS!

With all the trends that have been going on this year around our beautiful lips – whether it’s the new matte lip, the 50 shades of nude and those crazy bright blue lips – we thought it would be time to take it back to basics. Wow by Wojooh introduces its brand new Lip Cuddle collection, made to give your lips some tender loving care after all of the hype this year. We want to strip back, and take care of our lips – and give them a little cuddle!

What do we love most about the Lip Cuddle Shiny Flavored Balm? It’s intense mix of Shea, Mango and Karite butter that leaves your lips hydrated and smooth with a totally natural glossy shine. The balm glides right onto the lips thanks to its special ingredient of beeswax – that makes it extra creamy. The balms are also packed with Vitamin A,C,E complex to keep your lips nourished AND contain and SPF to protect our lips from the regions strong sun.

These delicious flavoured balms come in 6 YUMMY shades. They glide onto your lips and give them a light coat of shiny colour.

Which one would you go for?
The Peach Fuz, that comes in a light coat of peach – and smells like it to.
The Brown Sucar, that is a shiny shade of nude and smells just like vanilla sugar.
The Ward Water, that is the perfect hint of pink, and has a floral scent of rose.
The Rumman Red, that lightly coats your lips in red and smells like yummy pomegranate.
The Toot Stain, that is a pinky purple coat, and smells just like berries.
The Grape Crush, that is a dreamy purple, and smells like a grape slushy.

More Information
Pass by Wojooh and try out our brand new Wow by Wojooh Lip Cuddle Shiny Flavored Balm ASAP!

Can’t pass by your nearest store? Not to worry – we are open 24/7 online at www.wojooh.com.