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Lladró Presents Living Light

If there is a warm, bright and evocative glow able to compete with natural light, then that is surely light filtered through porcelain.
Leveraging its sixty plus years of consummate control over sculpture, Lladró invites us to feel the magic o f light in its collections of handmade porcelain lamps. Crafted with all the passion of alchemists of old, they come from the Spanish brand’s
ateliers in Valencia. From the minimalist luxury of contemporary interiors to the sophistication of romantic palaces, Lladró speaks to us of lighting with a life o f its own, full of subtle nuances, where every lamp contains a story sprinkled with its broad spectrum of colors.
An invitation to rediscover the sensations of natural, organic light and to acknowledge our origins.

MADEMOISELLE COLLECTION – Ladies full of light
Coquettish, refined, romantic. Lladró’s elegant ladies have been turned into lamps in the new Mademoiselle collection, re interpreting the brand’s iconic ladies in an exciting new and colourful language.
The collection includes fo ur individual hanging lamps and three chandeliers with 9, 18 and 25 lights combining the different models. In all these lamps the light is filtered through the transl uce nt porc elain of the vapo rous skirts of these ladies of light, projecting the decorative pattern etched on the surface of the porcelain. A
magical effect that speaks to the charm of the eternal female.
WINTER PALACE COLLECTION – Romanticism is in the air
The white of snowy winters, the magic of fairytales, the nobility of classic chandeliers… Romanticism is in the air. The Winte r Palac e chandelier seems to be taken directly from the palace of the Russian tsars or from the Versailles palace itself.
Created by the brand’s in-house team of designers, this ceiling lamp is a sophisticated model updating the classic chandeliers. Besides big sized lithophanes and porcelain teardrops, includes hundreds of beads and a porcelain ceiling rosette. It is available in 6, 12 and 30 lights and in white and in white and gold finishes. In this last version, the beads are decorated with golden luster, another of the introductions in this family of lamps.
BELLE DE NUIT C OLL EC TI ON – Belle de Nuit, Belle de Jo ur
Belle de Nuit is a plant, but not just any plant. During the night, its leaves seem to reflect the moonlight and take on the magical quality of shining in the dark. Only a plant like this could have inspired a unique collection like Belle de Nuit. A series of hanging, wall,
standing, and tabletop lamps in different sizes and vibrant colors. The most spectacular model of all is the hanging lamp, an update d version o f classic crystal chandeliers.
The sensation these lamps transmit, in comparison with those made in other materials, is undoubtedly the greater sense of warmth, which is further enhanced in some models with the use of litho phane lampshade s. When lit, the transparency of the porcelain allows the designs etched on the surface of the lithophanes to become visible, creating a subtle lighting with a very evocative effect. And when the lamps are off, they are still as perfectly beautiful.
The rest is down to the wealth of the Lladró palette of colours: from the most sober model in white to the fun multicoloured version, Belle de Nuit lamps decorate and illuminate and, above all else, add that elusive magical touch to our favourite room.
The series of Niagara c handeliers is now being expanded with new models decorated with golden luster added to the already existing white models. These striking chandeliers are composed of porcelain fairies hanging from fiber optic threads in a
cascade of subtle points of light to create a brilliant effect.
The new models are enriched with gold by means of the complex luster technique that requires the skills of the best artists in the Lladró workshops. Similarly to the rest of the chandeliers in the collection, they come in various diameters (0.6, 0.8, 1.1 & 2 meters)
and combine cutting-edge creativity with the latest fiber optic technology. The first lamps in the collection were created in 2007 in collaboration with the German designer Bodo Sperlein as part of the Re-Cyclos project, in which Lladró invited renowned artists to design objects with a new use and a new message using the brand’s
signature elements.

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