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Love Your Smile With Spotlight Teeth White Strips

Let’s face it, tooth discolouration can be the cause of little to great embarrassment, and it can make people feel self-conscious about smiling. It’s also normal for teeth to become duller as we age too.

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwashes daily to remove plaque and other stain-producing substances help, but it’s not altogether possible to avoid tooth discoloration. Important lifestyle factors also play a large part in tooth discoloration.

Most of us can’t get enough of our morning coffee and afternoon tea, which are real culprits of tooth discoloration. Other culprits are wine, cola and even certain fruits and vegetables that can’t altogether be avoided. And then the big culprits, smoking or chewing tobacco.

While no one’s teeth stay naturally perfectly white, there are ways to get those pearly whites by the removal of extrinsic stains on teeth. Brightening your smile is as easy as a visit to your dentist for a treatment, but not everyone has the time or desire for an expensive treatment at the dentist. This is where teeth whitening strips come in handy. It’s cheaper, efficient, hassle free and easy to use in the convenience of your home. Spotlight Whitening Strips is one of the best products in the market that guarantees amazing results in just a minimum amount of time. Just an hour a day, keeps discoloration at bay!   

These dentist-developed strips even avoid the sensitivity that come with traditional whitening methods. Spotlight Teeth White Strips include the minimal amount of hydrogen peroxide allowed by the UAE regulatory bodies, guaranteeing results without the pain and sensitivity incurred by many other products available on the market.

Created in Ireland by Drs. Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, Spotlight contains small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the only clinically effective ingredient to whiten teeth. This active ingredient is utilised in professional whitening products, making it a highly effective treatment, and perfect for busy ‘on the go’ lifestyles.

We were lucky enough to try these strips at KM and we were very impressed with how easy and convenient they are to use and we were delighted with the results! The strips aren’t long enough to cover all teeth, so only the front teeth are treated, but they are a perfect ‘quick fix’ if you want to brighten your smile for any photo opportunity or special occasion and they’re inexpensive too!

How to use Spotlight Teeth White Strips:

Spotlight is incredibly easy to use. Simply place the strips on your top and bottom teeth, wear for one hour every day over a two-week period to maximise the potential results. Apply the tooth sensitive gel to your teeth and comforting gum oil to your gums and leave in place for 5 minutes. This ensures that there is minimal tooth and gum sensitivity following your whitening treatment. The Spotlight Whitening formula is designed to keep teeth white for up to six months.

Spotlight Teeth White Strips can be purchased from all leading pharmacies across the UAE and online with next day GCC wide delivery at Basharacare.com for AED 295per kit.