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Mademoiselle Azzaro L’Eau Très Belle

The girl from Paris is back…and she’s in love!

Mademoiselle Azzaro Eau de Toilette, the first chapter in the saga, has already won our hearts. Now, Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Belle takes our heroine on a new adventure.
She’s in love: with Paris, with a man, with life, with a fragrance, with love itself….
Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Belle is an irresistible ode to romance.

For the love of Paris

Paris is the idyllic setting for Mademoiselle Azzaro’s story: in the first episode it was love at first sight, but now Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Belle illustrates the star t of a romance… between Mademoiselle and her fragrance, of course.

Like its inspiration Mademoiselle Azzaro, Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Belle is an eau de toilette that pays tribute to the Parisian and her city. She flits, flir ts and swirls, plays with her shadow and revels in the sight of her favorite playground. Her declarations of love to Paris take the form of postcard photos, posted on her Instagram account and signed with the hashtag “Paris Je t’aime”.

Paris, the City of Lights, Paris, the City of Fashion, Paris, the City of Love.

For the love of Fragrance

As mischievous and cheerful as ever, Mademoiselle is now in love… and her fragrance serves her well.
Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Belle is a tender, feminine, romantic fragrance that wraps her in a delicious, regressive whirlwind of life and love. Barely concealing her delight, she wears it proudly as she walks the streets of Paris to accessorize her pretty dresses.
The fragrance unfolds into three moments that sweep us into an exhilarating spiral:

• A fruity whirlwind that creates a color ful, juicy, pert opening with a red fruit accord based on blueberry.
• A floral whirlwind that leads to a tender and delicate hear t, composed around a jasmine-hawthorn accord.
• A gourmand whirlwind with a toasty violet-macaroon base that makes the fragrance totally irresistible.

“Mademoiselle!” as tourists, intrigued passers-by, bustling waiters and secret admirers sometimes call out to her… all fascinated by the way she walks down the street and irresistibly attracted by the gourmand floral trail she leaves in her wake. The start of another love story?

A floral fruity creation by Karine Dubreuil.

For the love of Art

To provide a setting for this new eau de toilette, the campaign film, directed by Lisa Paclet, takes us on a romantic, Paris-style jaunt. Here, we once again encounter our sparkling Mademoiselle Azzaro: Chloé François, an actress and model.

A true romantic, she indulges in childlike delights and gets lost in sweet daydreams on a merry-go-round, in the heart of Paris. This is one of the Capital’s many wooden merry-go-rounds scattered around the city, found from the foot of the Eiffel to Trocadéro and Montmar tre, that we love to come across, to experience a quiet touch of nostalgia. Her “Nectar” dress in satin and white silk chiffon, with a neckline embroidered in Swarovski crystals, is a made-to-measure creation signed by Azzaro Couture.

The campaign visual, featuring Chloé François with a radiant smile, was created by photographer Marc Philiber t. Long live love!

Long live Paris! Long live Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Belle!