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Mariam and Amna AlMualla Launch The Orphic: A Homegrown Luxury Fashion Brand…

Umm Al Quwain natives and sisters, Mariam and Amna AlMualla, have joined forces to launch The Orphic; the UAE’s first homegrown, accessible luxury, fashion brand targeted towards both modest to vivacious dressers. The brand’s first collection releases with designs ranging from high fashion abayas to enchanting gowns.

Playing with dramatic silhouettes and near-theatrical lines juxtaposed with neutral colours and distinctive textures, The Orphic brings a new aesthetic to the fashionistas about town, aiming to create a legacy of unique creations. Amna and Mariam have set out to design pieces they would want to see in their own wardrobes; a string of showstopper outfits, designed to impress.

Having always harboured a keen eye for trends and a love for fashion, Mariam and Amna both use fashion as a way of expressing themselves, a belief that translates into the brand’s expressive embroidery patterns and dramatic designs. The sisters have created the brand with painstaking attention to detail, from sourcing the finest fabrics to employees the most skilled tailors and craftsmen to give life to their designs.

Meaning unique and entrancing beyond ordinary understanding, The Orphic aims to provide just that to the modern, discerning Arab woman – a new perspective on the same trends. The first collection looks to the skies, borrowing elements of celestial patterns, bringing the sun, the moon and the stars to Dubai. Each design is handmade locally, within the UAE, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to providing quality, woven satirical experiences.

More Information

The Orphic’s designs are now available for order online through info@theorphic.ae and the brand’s Instagram page @_theorphic.

An online store will be launching very soon.