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Max Factor Makeup Academy Newly Opens In Al Quoz…

The academy, known to bring life to artistry, now opens up in Capitol D Studio situated in Al Quoz.

The Max Factor Makeup Academy has moved to new premises and is now located at Capital D Studio, #50, 6b Street, Al Quoz 3. Known to be one of the first ever makeup institution to open its premises in the UAE, it now relocates itself in the centre point of Dubai for students to easily have access to the place.

The relaunch occurred on the 12th of August, Wednesday for the media to cover the short event of the newly launched Academy in Al Quoz and to see the showcase of the new summer ’15 collection from Max factor. The institution is known to put artistry into the hands of its pupils, to help student transform anyone into a glamour queen. The Max Factor Makeup Academy was initially launched two years ago. Its mission is to recognize the needs of women in the GCC who want to improve their skills by learning from the very best. The institution’s highly professional training program also caters to women looking to pursue a career in makeup artistry.

The Academy is known to provide three kinds of courses: A full day self makeup application course for women, who want to dress themselves, an eight week course catered for professional makeup skills that takes place on weekends, and a two week professional course for basic training.

The institution is managed and taught by regional Max Factor makeup artist, Samira Olfat, who hosted the relaunch event and gave us a demonstration using the latest summer collection from Max Factor. She briefed the audience with a day and an evening party time look, and spoke to us about Max Factor as a brand and her relationship with it.


“We are proud to reopen our doors in a brand new location set in the heart of Dubai’s sprawling arts district”Olfat
“Capital D Studio boasts a large space and bright lights – it is perfectly suited to our requirements. Personally, it has always been a dream of mine to share my creative abilities and expertise to teach women the tricks of the makeup trade. The Max Factor Makeup Academy allows me to do just that and much more.”

About Max Factor:

Max Factor is a well renowned makeup brand that launched into success for being the major glamour transformer of Hollywood actresses in 1930s, 40s and 50s. Named after the makeup artist himself, Max Factor, holds reputation to have worked on legendary screen siren, Marilyn Monroe, before her, Jean Harlow and many of their likes. They were the first ever brand to come up with wand mascaras, lip glosses, eye shadows and first of its kind skin toned foundation. Today, it is an international success with renowned makeup artist, Pat McGrath holding the position of being the global makeup director for the brand. The brand uses sophisticated scientific expertise to create innovative new colour cosmetic tools and technique to enable women to unleash their own personal take on glamour. Max Factor first launched in the US and is now sold in over 75 countries worldwide.