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The Mulberry Bayswater – Evolution Of An Iconic Bag

Recognisable at twenty paces, the Bayswater is Mulberry’s most iconic bag.

Launched in 2003, its simple structure, timeless design and signature postman’s lock made it an instant bestseller, loved by Kate Moss, and carried by an international network of customers on the streets of London, New York, Copenhagen, Sydney and Seoul.

Now, more than a decade after it was first introduced, Creative Director Johnny Coca has redesigned the Bayswater, enhancing its features, adapting its silhouette and taking it to a new level of practicality for customers’ modern lives.

The new design is lighter to carry, yet inherently more structured. It can easily carry laptops, files, tablets and all modern accompaniments while maintaining its elegant aesthetic.

Creative Director Johnny Coca says, “The Bayswater is such a British design icon, and all icons evolve. Think about cars. They adapt to the times. What makes an icon an icon is that you’ll always recognise it.I wanted to ensure we protected the Bayswater’s legacy and made it as relevant as possible for women’s lives. It is such a classic bag, and one for every day. Since moving to London I’ve seen the Bayswater on a such a variety of women, and they inspire me, watching how they carry the bag, how they make it part of their style and their lives.”

Johnny’s great love is colour, and this has played a key part in the development of the new Bayswater collection for Autumn 2016. Classic tones have been deepened and refined, and new covetable brights like Canary, Candy and Indigo added to the collection of heritage shades.

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