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Mulberry’s New Jewellery Collection Is Designed By Creative Director Johnny Coca

Mulberry has a beautiful new jewellery collection inspired by the Victorian obsession with ‘cabinet of curiosities’.

Introduced as part of the Autumn ’16 collection it was designed by Creative Director Johnny Coca to reflect the spirit and edge of his first collection, creating contemporary pieces using traditional materials.

One particular design story featuring a stag and fox head is called ‘Bestiaire’ in reference to the beast anthologies made popular in the Middle Ages: illustrated volumes that described various animals, birds and even rocks. Bestiaries influenced early heraldry in the Middle Ages, giving ideas for the artistic form. Bestiaries continue to give inspiration to coats of arms created in our time.

Continuing the theme of ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, Johnny Coca chose particular gemstones that are traditionally associated with a talisman or symbolism.The Princess earring feature Tiger’s Eye – a semi-precious stone that symbolises protection and good fortune. Historically it was considered to have ‘magical’ properties including bestowing wisdom on the wearer.The pure, round shape of the tiger’s eye pearl and the gold sphere and disc are a reference to the symbol of eternity.The earring is designed to be worn as a single piece.

The Stud design story centres around dramatic, faceted gemstones set into gold or silver settings.The shape and style take inspiration from the ‘enchanted worlds’ of medieval and Victoria mythology and the symbolism of the gemstones used.

Finally the Pearl story takes a traditional iconic jewellery reference, the pearl, and sets it into bold contemporary metalwork and intricate chain for a dramatic necklace and ring.

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