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Narciso Rodriguez Launches New Collection For Him And For Her

Jasmine, wood, the brand’s signature musk and the extra voluptuous powder notes redefine the new collection by the American Designer

The designer Narciso Rodriguez is known for his love of stark, spicy and musky fragrances. Much of his influence comes from the Oudh flavors of the Middle East and that marks a good reason why he gained a huge fan following from the Eastern countries and he certainly has a surprise for his fans in the Middle East. This year he has launched something more exquisite for women in the UAE and it is called L’absolu for her and for the very first time, a bath line.

Speaking of L’absolu, it captures the quintessence of grace, raw beauty and mercurial nature in an iconic blend. Rich and Intense, L’absolu redefines fragrance with a source of power that’s subliminal, the power that only an absolute can provide.

The goal was to capture a more powerful intensity without being overwhelming.  “I’ve always been transfixed by women who project strength with passion and radiate grace and beauty from the inside out,” says the designer.

The new image of Carmen Kass – the iconic platinum blonde model for Narciso’s label – is captivating, echoing both the sensuality and intensity of ‘L’absolu for her. Carmen Kass gazes upward in a graceful arc with eyes close. “Carmen has always been very special to me since she was so much a part of the original creation of ‘for her,’” says Narciso Rodriguez.  “She has a very pure beauty, innocent yet somehow very sensual, and it is not just a surface beauty; she has real depth and integrity.”

Besides the model that signifies the very moral embodiment of the fragrance, the designer even makes reference to the packaging of the fragrance, which has a story of its own to tell with its dark plum color that signifies mystery.

L'absolu For Her

L’absolu For Her

He says, “For this new fragrance, we chose a deep aubergine color, a rich tone that is very important in our story. Again there’s this sense of duality, an air of mystery, in the bottle which echoes the fragrance. The bottle is a pure beautiful object; you have to experience it, fall in love with it, just like the fragrance. ”

And the launch of any new stunning perfume line always benefits from its own bathing range to compliment it.

Narciso Bath Line

Narciso Bath Line

Narciso Bath Line

Narciso Bath Line

Following suit of Narciso’s mystery-endowed collection; the bath range has its own line of scent notes. The most important ingredient is the vetiver, which happens to be the most elegant note from the classic woody family with a daring olfactory composition that encapsulates intense femininity.

As is usual with Narciso’s fragrances, the bath line is musky and mysterious with notes humming in softness like a classical piano.

On the reason for Narciso to pursue the new bathing line? “It’s imperative for today’s woman who has so many responsibilities inside and outside the home to take a few moments to indulge herself.  I think the new line will enhance a woman’s body and just as significantly, lift her mood, enhance her confidence and make her feel more beautiful and sensual. To me, feeling good about your body is just as important as feeling good about what you’re wearing.”

The bathing line consists of a body cream, a hair mist, shower cream and a body lotion.

The other breathtaking notes to indulge oneself in a bath time session are Bulgarian rose, cedar woods, and florals of gardenia.

The Narciso bath line promises complete beauty and grace, inside and out.

Narciso rodriguez parfums are available at all leading perfume retailers. narciso rodriguez for her l’absolu:   30 ml = AED 295;  50 ml = AED 445;  100 ml = AED 600;  narciso rodriguez NARCISO Bath Line: Body Lotion 200 ml = AED 220;  Shower Gel 200 ml = AED 185;  Body Cream 150 ml = AED 335;  Hair Mist 30 ml = AED 170;  Deodorant 100 ml = AED 175