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The New Abeille Royale Double R Serum By Guerlain

Renew & Repair
One Serum, Two Benefits


They want radiance, reduced wrinkles and tightened pores.
They want sharp contours and firm, smooth skin. RAPID, VISIBLE
and LASTING RESULTS. Above all, they do not want to choose between beautiful skin and youthful skin. By creating the DOUBLE R Renew & Repair SERUM, a DOUBLE FORMULA that concentrates the best of two technologies, Guerlain simultaneously responds to their expectations of radiance and firmness.

Innovative Soft Peeling Technology

Inspired by dermatological procedures, its formula – enriched with a “lamellar gel” – contains and controls the power of AHAs, which play a key role in cell renewal.

Three major acids (lactic, citric and glycolic) are gradually diffused,
resulting in a gentle and continuous “new skin” effect*: skin texture
is refined and radiance is restored. Their slow and constant journey
between the maze-like strata of the “lamellar gel” formula optimizes
skin tolerance. This makes daily application possible and limits the
risk of redness or skin reactions.

A high-performance Renew formula: its progressive diffusion
delivers a combination of AHAs that doubles skin renewal while
remaining gentle on the epidermis.** 

* Ex vivo test on the ingredient (typical formula) / ** In vivo test on the ingredient (typical formula), analysis via chromametry on 17 volunteers, results after 7 days

Exclusive Lifting-Effect Technology

For the first time, Guerlain’s Scientific Research studied a singular gene: the TIEG1 gene.

It took eight years of collaboration with the leading figures of the French Cosmetic Valley to shed light on the role of this gene. Like a skin repair “contractor”, it encourages proper skin structure. By targeting this new entity, the Repair formula helps to both stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and repair fragmented collagen.*

A new-generation Repair formula: the formula helps create and
restructure* substance for firmer, more elastic skin and sharper

* In vitro test on ingredients

A rare and precious substance: Royal Jelly produced by Black Bees from Ouessant is difficult to harvest, requiring meticulous expertise and the precision of a goldsmith. Sourced from Guerlain’s own network, this organic* Royal Jelly from Ouessant Black Bees is unique in the world and offers complete traceability.

Ouessant Island, located 18 km off the coast of Brittany and classified as a natural reserve by UNESCO, is home to a black bee (Apis mellifera). Endemic to the island, it produces an exceptionally pure honey due to its genetic properties and the remarkable quality of the Ouessant ecosystem, free of all pollution or intensive farming.

Women surveyed love the soft peeling and repairing effects of Double R Serum. They unanimously notice a significant improvement in the radiance, texture and quality of their skin. Simultaneously, the majority agree that their skin is firmer and appears more lifted and youthful.*

Clinically tested results** confirmed by women:* 

A fantastic duo for an enhanced routine:

Used with Double R Renew & Repair Serum, Youth Watery Oil delivers an incomparable youth-boosting effect. Applied as a pre-serum, it plumps the skin and prepares it to receive the active ingredients of Double R Serum.

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