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New Armand Basi Rose Glacée


Since the debut of its first collection in 1986, the Armand Basi brand has embedded its style and fashion offerings within a framework of intellectual discourse based on social commentary. The brand’s original taste for avant-garde artistic references has evolved side-by-side a dynamic sense of aesthetics, a natural consequence of the desire to be on the cutting edge.

Thus, what was initially a passion for design, with an eye on Russian constructivism and other art and design movements of the 20th century, gave way to an interest in Eastern aesthetics and thought, which emphasizes finding the true essence of things. Antagonistic tensions between nature and man’s intervention in it, with architecture as the materialization of human activity, were the logical consequence of this analysis of the essential and have inspired both fashion collections and the creation of the brand’s fragrances.

In the latest collections and fragrances, emotion has gained ground over the minimalism and austerity of Zen philosophy: nature is seen as a school of thought in the minds of those who inhabit the architecture of modern cities on the planet. Gardens take over roof tops. Parks clean the air of cities. Flowers grow on sun-drenched balconies. Flower beds brighten the sidewalks.

At Armand Basi, tensions between competing concepts remain the formula to move forward creatively. Where emotions meet the latest trends, the opposition needed to evolve arises. At a time when fashion finds its raison d’être in geometry, to which it has surrendered most of its runways, the brand adopts minimalist geometric lines for its collections, introducing emotion through silhouettes, texture and colour.

In this context, the fragrance by Idesa Parfums is born, a creative concept built on the emotions caused by geometry and a favourite flower: ARMAND BASI ROSE GLACÉE.


The rose is the flower par excellence. The universal flower, recognized the world over as a representation of the mystery of the feminine. It is the most perfect flower. Her beauty is a delight for the eyes; she is fragrant, Baroque, splendid, intoxicating to smell, velvety soft and fragile. But it is also treacherous, rebellious and defiant: her protective thorns will prick the hand that attempts to cut her.

Her geometry calls to mind the architecture of a spiral staircase, an ellipse, or the coiling of a flower that opens to reveals an inner secret. Her sway and layered petals are hypnotic. She is complex and dynamic. A force of nature, even cement cannot stop the rose from being born, and as it climbs walls, it brings beauty to human creation.

Pink is trendy, fashionable in its many declensions. It is the colour that identifies femininity. It is kind and serene, but also sassy and seductive. It is optimistic, tender and upbeat. Clean and fragile. Romantic, tranquil, evocative. It is warm.

“Glacée” is a French word that means frozen. It is the rose trapped in ice: cool and frosted. Beautiful and magnificent, suspended in the prime of its youth. Protected by the cold, perennial in its beauty, she stands defiant and proud. Seductive and beautiful.

ROSE GLACÉE, the name of the new fragrance, embodies the tension that is in its makeup. Warm and cool, smooth but aggressive, friendly but treacherous, beautiful but ephemeral. It’s perfect, though fragile, welcoming but prickly. To admire it is to experience the clash of passion and reason. A contemporary, modern and urban imprimatur on nature, rather than urban life modulated by nature.

ARMAND BASI ROSE GLACÉE. The dew-strewn rose at dawn. The freshness that soothes impatience. Perfection frozen in time. The cold that stimulates and awakens. The spiral from which life springs forth. The mystery that slowly reveals itself. The veiled offer of pleasure, like a promise for the future. A hunger for life. The intensity of youth. The insatiable and unbridled joy of living.


Organic and geometric, the rose is the heart and inspiration of this new fragrance by Armand Basi, which summons us into the world of flower essences with a groundbreaking approach: the concept is updated and rejuvenated by bringing geometry into play.

ARMAND BASI ROSE GLACÉE‘s rose avoids clichés. It is fresh, young and modern, with a chic and sensual quality added by its naming in French.

The packaging represents the fragrance’s duality. On the one hand, a feminine and delicate design in pink hues, with a flower as the main element; on the other, a modern and unconventional touch: A geometric paper rose. The box seems a conventional matte pale pink rectangular box, featuring an image of the paper rose and the name and brand in a more intense hue; but it captivates us with surprise when it opens like a flower in spring, unfolding four ways and exposing the bottle in a gesture that mimics the femininity of flowers.

Armand Basi_Rose Glacee_100ml_245 AED copy

The bottle is light and feminine, with a rounded shape. Made of opaque, glazed glass, with a frosted pink tint, its tinged finish reflects the icy freshness of the fragrance. The rose-shaped cap is the fine detail that represents the spirit of ROSE GLACÉE: Metallic in texture, fresh in appearance, it plays with geometry, mimicking the folds of a modern paper flower.

A rose-shaped design and original concept. Young, bold and modern like ARMAND BASI ROSE GLACÉE.


The freshness of a fresh-cut rose sprinkled with morning dew is embodied in the captivating scent of ARMAND BASI ROSE GLACÉE.

A new fragrance created by Françoise Caron, who updated and refreshed the floral olfactive family perfume concept.

A sparkling and young top note of green apple in a stimulating alliance with fruity and citrussy notes of grapefruit and lemon.

A bright and feminine middle note in which the Piaget rose reigns supreme, recalling, with its petals trimmed like lace, a morning in May.   The original harmony of intense cinnamon and peach nectar surprises the senses.

A bottom note of light woods, amber and musk crystals is sensual and woody.

A young and avantgarde fragrance which is elegant and modern. The rose as the highest expression of femininity, but also of defiance and sassiness. Contemporary charm and chic: ARMAND BASI ROSE GLACÉE.

THE RANGE: ARMAND BASI ROSE GLACÉE Eau de Toilette Spray 50 ml: 180 AED Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml: 245 AED