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New Bioeffect 30 Day Treatment: What we discovered after 30 days of trial…

EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) serum provides absolute molecular renewal and textural changes in your skin to reduce ageing and fine lines over a period of roughly a month. It enhances skin elasticity and transforms your skin into a clear canvas for anything else you layer on top, be it sunscreen or makeup.

When we tried the 30 days formula, on the first week itself it showed remarkable results of youthfulness and great skin elasticity. What’s more, it’s made of Barley extract that makes the enhancement all the more prominent.

The Icelandic brand promises growth factor i.e. collagen production and promotes the synthesis of extracellular matrix proteins and inhibits matrix degradation (or the thinning of your skin).

According to various scientific discoveries, EGF plays an important role in healing wounds, stabilizing the skin from external environmental aggression and the harsh chemical side effects of makeup.

Besides fighting ageing, the treatment promises pore reduction, maximum hydration, toning and firming.

The treatment also contains KGF (Keratinocyte growth factor). KGF stimulates the renewal of keratinocytes, the predominant cell type in the epidermis. Research on advanced human skin models has shown that it can induce significant thickening of the skin.

How to use: Apply 1-4 drops every morning and wait a few minutes before applying sunscreen or makeup. Similarly, apply 1-4 drops in the evening and wait a few minutes before going to bed.

Our results are as follows:

1st Week:

We saw changes in skin texture, a youthful glow and we skipped our primer because the little serum bottle was multifunctional in creating a protective barrier against the foundation and other cosmetic products.

2nd Week:

The treatment comes with 3 bottles with three cellular activators that can provide varied solutions for different skin types. To give this a better shot, we tried this on both dry skin and oily skin to see the results and surprisingly, it catered to the needs of both skin types. It gave oily skin a more normal skin texture helping to reduce excess sebum growth and gave the dry skin a lot more elasticity and moisture. In the end, both skin types appeared radiant, youthful and glowing at the end of the 2nd week.

3rd Week:

It reduced redness and we saw harsh fine lines disappearing, we saw firmness and a huge change from the 1st week itself.

4th Week:

The skin had ultimately reached its goal of what the serum had promised. The skin felt normal, healthy and had a healthy flush of colour besides looking younger and radiant. We were highly impressed.

Our final verdict: Yes we are thoroughly satisfied with the results and we highly recommend this to our readers.

More Information
The 30 day treatment costs 1098 AED, and can be bought from this link or the Harklinikken Clinic in Dubai, Jumeirah 1.