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New Marni Trunk Bag PreFall 2016

Exquisite new takes on the iconic Marni Trunk Bag have been added to the selection for Fall 2016.

Marni has playfully espoused experimental hues and geometric patterns while continuing its usual search for superior materials, introducing a new Ayers snakeskin version in a number of colour combinations.


Vivid amalgams of colours range from bright red with softer white or caramel tones to various shades of green and classic dark brown. All the colours are graphically divided, either by a black grid or by a laminated silver one in the more sophisticated models. Both come in a medium size and a sharper, snappier mini size.

The fastener and details are made of golden metal, creating an ironic contrast with the thick nylon shoulder strap that epitomises the Marni mood.

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***Located at The Mall of the Emirate (Dubai)