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New Sensations by Christofle 2016

Christofle’s quest for beauty and sensoriality has always been without limit. This season, each of its new creations speaks to the senses and intensifies the emotional resonance for which the silversmith is renowned.

The sense of touch, above all, is central to these richly textured new creations. Steel, silver, leather and oak dialogue with one another in a harmonious interplay of shine and softness. Take, for example, Origine, the new silverware chest for contemporary interiors, or the Collection CLUB, which brings together a constellation of pieces for the office and any other living space. These objects in mirrored steel trimmed with smooth, silky calfskin are a tribute to the savvy mixing of materials.

The sense of sight comes next, with a palette of different leathers for the Collection CLUB. Saturated hues such as camel, bronze, greige and taupe evoke nature and create a perfect pairing with steel. The Mood chest, the perennial special guest at elegant and convivial gatherings, now comes dressed in a radiant yet delicate coppery pink. Color also appears through an essential detail inside the Mood Precious: the silver plated coffee spoons are gilded in 18-carat rose gold to subtly elevate their noble character.  The French art de vivre meets lightness.

For the sense of smell, the Collection CLUB welcomes two new scented candles in silk screened lacquered glass inspired by leather and metal. One candle expresses freshness through notes of grapefruit, geranium and vetiver; the other warmth, in an accord of pine, cedar and soft amber musk.

Each new product embodies the spirit of Christofle: the marriage of beauty and functionality at its height. A blend of the precious with the intimate, a touch of brilliance cultivated for every day. Behind each decorative object lies the intent of daily appreciation. So that beauty is always within reach,an enhancement for every moment of the day.


 Collection CLUB – Studio Christofle

A historic signature of Christofle style, the beaded motif lends its soft, refined character to this collection of functional and decorative objects. Present in the house since 1850, beadinghas often been revisited in ornamental detail on silverware, or in larger sizes and quantities on pieces such as the exceptional Cardeilhac box, a classic example of the silversmith’s prowess dating to the Thirties. Today, it reappears majestically as the highlight of the Collection CLUB where, for the first time, it mingles with leather on trays, round boxes, pencil cases, desk organizers, paperweights and vide-poches… In all, ten styles dedicatedto functionality compose this strikingly modern and brilliant collection in mirror steel.

At times, steel punctuated with a minimalist, solitary bead combines with calfskin (in colors such as camel, bronze, greige and taupe), in an elegant and unexpected mix of materials. At others, the bead seems to replicate infinitely across an entire surface, for example on the beaded box that is the key piece in the Collection CLUB. Multiplied exponentially, this pattern recalls the Thirties spirit for which the silversmith is renowned, simultaneously evoking a pure, minimalist tradition.

Two pieces of High Silver smithing in silver-plated metal (both produced in a limited series of 50) complete the Collection CLUB: a cylindrical vase that seems encircled by a crown of silver pearls at its base, and a generous center piece with a silver beaded exterior and smooth interior. Offering a compelling interplay of positive and negative space, volume and flatness, curves and lines, these silver beaded pieces express the full elegance of Christofle design.


MOOD PRECIOUS by Christofle

Since its creation a year ago, Mood has brought a new dynamic to contemporary tables. As aesthetic as it is functional, this style is now one of Christofle’s most successful. Now, this versatile companion for convivial gatherings comes in ‘Mood Precious’, a copper coloured version that is as original and soft-spoken. Its pink reflections can also be found inside the chest, which contains six coffee spoons finished in18-carat rose gold. The preciousness of rose gold, the perfection of its design, and the elegant warmth of its color allow Mood Precious to bring brilliance and refinement to contemporary tables. As always, the spirit of sharing and relaxing with friends are its leitmotiv.



A symbol of our desire for simplicity at home and sharing time among friends, Origine lives in the heart of the kitchen. The very essence of an aesthetic and functional object, this flatware ensemble (a service for 6) is ideal for contemporary eat-in kitchens, open spaces that favor a creative spirit, impromptu gatherings, relaxed entertaining for an unpredictable number of guests and new uses. In all, 24 pieces (forks, knives, large and small spoons) are stored vertically in a wooden base and naturally find a place in the accompanying cylindrical steel container, a sleek new interpretation of storage for new ways of living.

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