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‘My New Strobing Routine’ by Bourjois

AIR MAT! The undetectable matte finish foundation is back! Presenting your Beauty Routine in 3 simple steps including the new Sculpt Light highlighter and Blur the Lines Concealer for a flawless complexion.

Air Mat
We don’t need to present you Air Mat, you already love it!
It’s airsoft texture, 24hr long lasting, matte finish and SPF 10… Developed especially for skin in pursuit of a smooth, matte finish, without shine.
– Matte finish
– Extrafine mattifying powders contained in the formula provide a natural matte finish and protection with and SPF 10.
– 8 natural shades to cover a wide range of skin tones!
24hr long lasting
– Encapsulated pigments spreading a fresh color all day long
– Nongreasy evanescent oils which fix the pigments on the skin for ultimate resistance: emotions, fatigue, rubbing!
Airsoft texture
Its incredibly soft and melting texture blending onto the skin with an airy matter finish:
– Undetectable finish, without mask effect
– Bare skin sensation, lets the skin breath.

The New Blur The Lines – a blurring & correcting stick
Blurring isn’t cheating when you get it right…
Using optical illusion, it visibly erases dark circles and all types of imperfections with no mask effect.
Instant blur effect thanks to a formula with silicone elastomer gel and spherical beads of silica.
– Its soft texture glides on the skin like a veil of silk over the face.
– It does not dry out the skin and takes care of the delicate eye contour
– Redness is corrected thanks to the high concentration of pigments in the beautiful texture

Developed in 3 shades to match your natural skin tone!
#01 Ivory
#02 Beige
#03 Golden Beige

The New Sculpt Light highlighter – Get the Strobinglook!
The perfect tool for catching the light even when you move, it illuminates and visually sculpts facial features: cheekbones, brow bone and the Cupid’s bow. A light and fluid gel formula enriched with subtle light-reflecting pearlescent pigments that perfectly fits in your makeup routine and could be applied after the foundation. Its universal shade adapts to all skin tones. The Sculpt Light highlighter: a bright idea to catch all eyes!

Sculpt Light Universal Strobing beauty tip in 3 steps:
1. Make the eyebrows pop by lining the eyebrow arch with the Sculpt Light. Blend it by tapping with the fingertip.
2. Illuminate & emphasize the top of the cheekbones from the middle of the eyes to the temples. Blend the texture by tapping with fingertips for a natural an even out result.
3. Plump the lips with a touch of light on the Cupid’s bow for a glowy finish

More Information

Beautifying Routine – Price UAE/KSA:

New Blur The Lines – 54 AED/SAR

NewSculpt Light Highlighter- 86AED/SAR

Air Mat- 79AED/81SAR

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