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Point Zero & Detox Delight Team Up To Offer The Ultimate Detox Package

Two of the leading wellness providers in the UAE, Detox Delight and Point Zero, have joined forces in a bid to improve the quality of life for people living in the Middle East.

Under the new partnership, a tailor-made ‘Detox Package’ is to be launched, offering residents the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of Detox Delight’s pioneering juice meal plans alongside Point Zero’s equally innovative Epsom salt floatation tanks.

UAE-based Detox Delight use 100% raw, vegan, and organic ingredients, free from preservatives, added sugar and artificial colouring or flavourings, and can customise all programmes to suit the client’s desires and needs. Packed straight from the farm to the juice, all of the ingredients are fresh, flavourful, and locally sourced.

In contrast, floatation therapy involves lying in a ten-inch pool of warm salt water in a closed cabin or pod, harnessing the benefits of tried and tested practices to offer reduced blood pressure, faster muscle healing, heightened immune systems, and increased creative-side brain activity. The high concentration of Epsom salts in the water carries the additional benefit of reducing environmental toxins.

“Like Point Zero, the newest and only centre dedicated to floatation therapy in UAE, Detox Delight is committed to maintaining the highest quality and standards and we are delighted with the new partnership,” said Point Zero’s Health Authority Abu Dhabi certified, Dr. Asma.

The ‘Detox Package’ will offer the option to choose from 1 to 6 day detoxes. The 1 day introductory detox includes a full day’s detox with Detox Delight, followed by Point Zero treatment the following day – floating, a massage, and thermal blanket in Abu Dhabi or floating and spa bike treatment in Dubai. The full 6 day detox includes a complete 5 day juice or vegan food detox and the relaxing detox treatments at Point Zero on days 2, 4 and 6. Everyone who orders this fabulous Detox package will also receive a healthy ‘Snack Delights’ pack.

“Our Detox Delight programmes are a one-of-a-kind in UAE and we are extremely happy to have found a partner like Point Zero who, like us, offer alternative wellness treatments,” said Nicole Junghaenel, Managing Partner of Detox Delight. “Keeping up a healthy lifestyle should be fun and part of our lives and we are therefore committed to bringing exciting products and packages to the UAE. In doing so, our aim is to make it even easier to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing.”

The package will available at the Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches of both companies. With a menu ranging from detox juices, to healthy salads, and hearty soups, Detox Delight and Point Zero are set to revolutionise the way people treat their bodies, helping clients boost their immune systems and overall wellbeing. For more information on the detox programmes, visit www.detox-delight.ae or call: 04-338 3565.