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Queen of Spades’ Presents Ubuntu Tribe Collection

Au naturel, rustic and earthy, Lamya Abedin goes back to nature

Picture a gorgeous sunset in the sweeping Savannas, or the swirling sand dunes of the Sahara. Imagine the elemental power of exotic, African wildlife and the purity of the rugged landscapes interspersed with luscious grasslands. Completely enamoured by the natural beauty of the African vistas and native purity of its people, Lamya Abedin has launched her 60-piece collection – Ubuntu Tribe – as a tribute to the humble beauty of the southern continent.

A colour palette of warm browns, tans, sienna and ochre in combination with muted burgundy, muddy greys, deep navy and mossy greens are the highlights of the collection. Abedin has introduced hand-made braids to some of her stunning pieces to give them a unique texture. Drapes, double-breasted lapels, ruffled and beaded collars, tassels and knots also feature prominently in the abayas and kaftans.

Organic textiles are central to the Ubuntu Tribe collection, lending it the oh-so-chic industrial look and feel. You can’t miss the python print specials ethically sourced from Bali. Materials and printed fabric have been flown down from Africa and India to give the collection its desired style and thematic look.

“The Holy month of Ramadan symbolises to me the humanity, goodness and kindness that the Ubuntu philosophy of Southern Africa is also known for. This philosophy coupled with the creativity and craftsmanship of Africa seemed the perfect inspiration for my Ramadan collection this year,” says Abedin.