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Rami Al Ali Autumn/Winter 2017-18

Under the appreciation of the influential fashion elite, Syrian designer, Rami Al Ali, makes a return to the French Capital today to showcase his Autumn/Winter 2017/18 couture collection in the sublime setting of the Hotel Ritz Paris. A vision of elegance and creativity, Al Ali looks to the historic beauty of the Angel artwork by Abbot Handerson Thayer to provide a synthesis of innocence, technique and grandeur.

Inspired by the serenity of the Angel painting, and majestic wings representing both strength and fragility, the collection showcases an array of artistic composition of visual elements. The couturier looks to the wings of an angel as the symbol, conveying the embodiments of feminine virtue and aesthetic splendor. Devoting a stunning configuration of colours and exhibiting material complexities in both silhouettes and ornate details, the collection explores the beautiful, intricate qualities of the modern woman; illuminating both power and delicacy as symbolized by an angel.

Luxurious fabrics are gathered in complex undulating forms on an array of structured and softer lines with tulle, organza, piqué and gazar; imitating the feather-like layers of wings. Whilst hand crafted embellishments adorn the pieces; implementing understated feminine charm and powerful composure. Shades of geranium and claret red dominate the darker shades of the colour palette, whilst mauve morn, blush and silver pink comprise the lighter hues, offering a striking contrast, and embodying the delicacy, grace and force of the wings of an angel.

Continuing to maintain the signature Al Ali feminine sensuality, architecturally designed structures are combined with flowing silhouettes, reflecting modern sensibilities and echoing a paragon of virtue and forte. Integrating a variety of complex design features to each garment, while styling each piece with tasteful shoe designs from Christian Louboutin, creating a sense of elegance and tranquility throughout.

Rami Al Ali’s unveiling innovative edit demonstrates how creativity, unique craftsmanship and historic creation can be combined through the art of couture

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The presentation took place at Hotel Ritz Paris, 15 place Vendome, 75001, Paris, France