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Raoul Spring/Summer 2016

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous”- Amelia Barr

Spring Summer 2016 represents an aesthetic of personal style with clean, shapely lines and hints of play. It is akin to the balance and comfort that represents the woman of the new world: curiosity still as irrepressible as her love of life while making choices with playful youthfulness – she is our muse this season, and a reminder of the beauty of life and equilibrium in nature. Haven is the focus of the Spring Summer 2016 collection as we draw inspiration from a place that is untouched by the chaos of everyday life. A peaceful fruit garden in the backyard creates an escape from the trepidation of urban life, both effortlessly and naturally.

A sea of color, shapes and details allows one to be in awe of nature and to breathe in its beauty – this is the essence of serenity that can be formed with the simplest of daydreams. With warmth and vitality taking the spotlight, the color palette for this collection calls for brighter hues. Colors like Yuzu Yellow, Papaya, Red Fig and Pink Dragon fruit come together to create fun prints which exude playful and youthful enthusiasm, while blues, soft greens and cyan colors like Blueberry, Kiwi and Lavender are presented organically as they combine to create striking combinations and optimistic prints. Prints and jacquards center on the use of different textures and colors of various fruits. Summer berries create a playful mood with a zoomed in view of a Raspberry tree and its juicy fruit. The oversized Okra print creates a fresh take on a stamped imprint of the sliced fruit with a burst of colors that re-energizes, while a jacquard version creates a tonal textured border on white pique.

That same imprint is later overlaid on a Mosaic bed of colors, combining Greys with Yuzu yellow, Lavender and Kiwi green. The Leaf motif, reminiscent of Sonia Delaunay’s inspirational graphics from the 20’s, presents itself in a silkscreen print and in jacquard with a hand painted technique similar to ink drawings. The texture and monochromatic grey leaves evoke a certain earthiness, while the cheerful print combines a blend of fruity colors, such as Papaya, Red Fig, and Pink Dragon Fruit. A sense of fun and hints of the sensual are used in many of the silhouettes. We were inspired to create a visualization of 70’s casual femininity and fit that merges style with comfort, representing a feminine and carefree spirit. Silhouettes are elongated and voluminous. Shoulders are exposed on strappy and halter dresses and waistlines are defined. A midi shirt dress with a full skirt is worn over a pant in the same print, while a laced up boxy top in light denim is combined with matching culottes. A midi length silk culotte jumpsuit is effortlessly tied with a twist around the neck, and a drawstring dress flares at the hem with a generous ruffle for a touch of bohemian. Lace in the form of guipure is interpreted in a modern way layed over colored silks, perfect for day or night. The use of circles in the form of eyelets brings together functionality and embellishment. With subtle detailing and striking placement, textures used in this collection evoke freshness together with femininity – pure and simple.