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Rebecca Treston Magic Hands Treatment Review and Q&A

Always intrigued by non-invasive treatments that promise noticeable results and skin perfecting benefits, we snapped up the chance to test out the new ‘Magic Hands’ technology available at Rebecca Treston@Euromed.

The unique facial lift massage is designed to exfoliate, tighten and lift skin around the face and neck and it also makes it easier for the skin to absorb serums and moisturisers as part of your usual routine. The treatment lasts 30 minutes, during which the therapist massages the skin with special electro-fabric gloves that deliver a tiny micro-current directly into the dermis. After discussing any specific areas of concern, the face is cleansed before a special gel is applied and the gloves get to work.

Overall, the treatment feels quite relaxing but the current can cause a mild pricking sensation and some people also experience a metallic taste in the mouth, both we are assured are perfectly normal reactions. 30 minutes flies by and you can definitely see the difference straight away. My skin felt smoother and everything had the appearance of being more lifted, I also noticed an improvement in skin tone. This is a quick and effective treatment that yields instant results. The effects last a day or two but to see long-lasting benefits the treatment needs to be repeated on a regular basis.

  • Venus – Magic Hands treatment

Time: 30 minutes

Price: AED 400 per session

Package Price: AED 4000 for 12 sessions, saving AED 800

Venus – Magic Hands treatment with rejuvenating peel

Usual Price: AED 800 per session

Promotional Price: AED 700 per session, saving AED 100

Package Price: AED 3600 for 6 sessions, saving AED 1200

  • Venus – Magic Hands treatment with Transdermal mesotherapy (to infuse vitamins and deep hydration into skin) plus mask

Usual Price: AED 1000 per session

Promotional Price: AED 800 per session, saving AED 200

Package Price: AED 4800 for 6 sessions, saving AED 1200.

Bonus promotion: Buy a package of 6, receive an extra treatment free. Total Savings: AED 2200

After the session we took 10 minutes to quiz Rebecca about Magic Hands and some of the main skin concerns she treats here in the UAE.

– How does the magic gloves treatment work? What is the science behind it?

The Venus New You treatment works via B.E.A.M (Bio electrical acceleration management) technology, which mimics the natural physiological impulse of the muscles to send customised impulses throughout the nervous system.

This treatment allows us to stimulate and activate specific muscles, increase blood circulation, improve metabolism and it also aids water retention, resulting in impressive face and body toning.
– What skin conditions is it recommended for?

This treatment is recommended for all skin types as it offers so many benefits, namely aiding skin rejuvenation, face lifting, as well as improvements to acne prone skins, water retention, tired sluggish dull skin. This technology can also be used in body treatments.
– How many sessions are needed and how regularly can it be performed?

Depending on the indication, a patient can come as often as three times per week for facial muscle toning, or once each month for a general maintenance treatment.

– How long do the results last?

The treatment does offer long lasting results although we do recommend maintenance treatments.

Do patients ever experience any side effects?

No, but it should be noted that throughout the treatment you can experience tingling sensation and a metallic taste in the mouth.

What are the most common skin problems you see in the UAE?

In my practice, I specialise in all forms of skin rejuvenation techniques but the most common problems I encounter are sun-damaged skin and pigmentation.

What are your most popular treatments?

Several of our treatments are incredibly popular, namely spectra laser for skin pigmentations and hair bleaching, reaction for fat and cellulite, ematrix for skin tightening and rejuvenation.We have recently added Ultherapy to our treatment menu and that is experiencing overwhelming popularity due to its results for skin lifting. The treatment is gaining a legion of worldwide fans including A-listers such as Courtney Cox, who are impressed with its phenomenal results and zero downtime. Ultherapy is the only skin rejuvenation procedure that uses ultrasound imaging, which has been scientifically proven to yield highly effective results. Although not an alternative to a face lift, the treatment does offer comparable results, without any of the pain or cost of a surgical procedure.

– As the weather changes and gets cooler do people need to adapt their skincare routine and treatment programmes?

Yes it is vital that your skincare regime should be adapted throughout the year. To ensure our patients are using products that suit their skin and are seasonally appropriate, we offer regular skin analysis with all of our treatments, which help us keep our patients’ skin health a top priority.

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