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Red Carpet Facial By Biolite Aesthetic Clinic

Dubai is known for its endless glamorous events and the city’s most elite women have to look their best from head to toe when in the spotlight on the red carpet. Too many bright lights, HD cameras and full coverage makeup can all ruin the natural elasticity and texture of the skin, so how does one prevent this damage?

Biolite Aesthetics Clinic presents you with the Red Carpet Facial especially designed for the region’s stunning socialites and party ladies for skin that looks as if it had never been touched by chemicals since birth. KM was intrigued to put this treatment to the test…

150929_8008143The purpose of the facial is to keep skin firm, define cheekbones, the jawline and make the skin appear luminous. But what does the treatment involve?

The process starts with an intense face scrub designed to peel off dead skin with Biolite’s very own enzyme peel to tighten the pores and make the skin look polished.

The next step is Radio frequency. It firms the skin, contours the cheekbones and gives the jawline perfect photo definition. Radio Frequency is also known to instantly increase blood circulation making the skin appear instantly luminous and banish dark circles.

This is followed by Stem cell serum infusion using chilled pure oxygen to get the skin cells ‘dancing’ and to make the skin look radiant for that ‘red carpet’ moment.

Expected End Results?

  • Instant firming and contouring of the jawline
  • Youthful Glow
  • Tightened pores
  • Bright Complexion

KM’s Experience

The skin feels light as if all the deep hidden layers of dirt in the pores were lifted. It felt absolutely fresh and bright, adding volume to the spots where there used to be fine lines. The glow is jaw dropping! No makeup can make you achieve the kind of glow this facial can give you. The only disappointment was that it didn’t make the pores appear as tight as expected, but the results were still better than before what it looked like with big pores. After a week, the skin still looks fresh and bright with the pores going back to their original appearance. That’s not a problem since there were no breakouts or side effects from this facial, which means that this facial works perfectly for those with sensitive skin.

Final Verdict? KM certainly recommends you to try this facial out. You won’t be disappointed.

Information Details
The Facial Costs: 1500 AED. For more information, visit www.biolitedubai.com