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Review on Heart and Soul Spa’s Mindfulness Massage Journey

Enrich yourself with Ayurvedic fragrances and be transported to internal conscience with Heart and Soul’s one of a kind mental therapeutic massage.

Life as we know it can be quite stressful. We feel stressed out by our daily duties as working individuals, family members, multitaskers etc. Our mind is constantly running with ideas or thoughts and barely do we give it rest. The purpose of Heart and Soul’s mindfulness massage therapy is to take the modern working woman through that quite mental zone where she makes peace with herself mentally and emotionally. This therapy gives you the chance to make the most out of each minute and to make the moment count.

To begin with the procedure: you are given 6 cards through each step of the mindfulness journey. Each card guides you towards every new step of the journey and asks you to unwind as much as possible from the previous state of mind. The first card asks you to let loose of any stress in your mind, have a refreshment drink and to disconnect yourself from your mobile phone. Following the first step, a therapist introduces herself and takes you to your changing room to get into a robe for the next step.

In the changing room, you are given a second card that asks you to forget any external thoughts and from henceforth, to focus on and be mindful of each and every moment and to pay detailed attention to the robe and the feel of the massage slippers and the aroma around you.

treatment-room-1Once you are ready, the therapist takes you to the massage room; she makes you sit on a chair and hands you the third card that tells you about an ancient foot ritual that is relaxing and mind contemplating while you are relaxing. Following the foot ritual, you are given the fourth card that provides information about the aromatherapy oils and each of their benefits and how they will help you to transport from the existing world to the harmonious world of peace and contentment following your own mental discipline. The ambience is created with oriental music and soft flutes and the interiors of the massage room are a calming off-white in colour to set the mood.

The therapist then begins the main procedure by making you smell any one of your favorite therapy oils and carries out the massage with the chosen oil. Your job meanwhile is to disconnect yourself from reality and to focus on each and every muscle movement that the therapist works on. You are made to feel the pulses of your muscles followed by the rhythm of your heart and to appreciate each and every inch of your existence from your head to your toes.

al-barari-heart-soul-relaxation-areaThis massage takes 120 minutes and once it is over, you are guided to an individual Zen white bed tent where you are given a hot ginger lime tea served with your fifth card. The fifth card congratulates you for your 120 minutes of self contemplation and focus. It tells you to enjoy your tea and to focus on the flavor and the aroma of the tea while you are in harmony with yourself from the after effects of the massage.

You can then go back to the changing room at your own convenience and get ready with a different view of the world and yourself.

The procedure is completed by the therapist congratulating you for your success and time on the mindfulness journey, and the main host at the reception hands you your final card as you leave.

Once you are on your way back to face the real world, the final card reminds you to hold onto the message of mindfulness throughout your entire life. It tells you to not let the pressure and stress of relationships and work tie you down. Every moment counts and if one can’t love themselves and create harmony with themselves then the pollution of the mind will pollute the rest of our surroundings. What we think, we give out to the world. Life is not perfect, nor are we. Let us enjoy every minute and every memory. Stay happy!

KM’s Thoughts: This journey is worth it and should be made at least once in your lifetime.

More Information

Customers can choose from a 90 minute or 120 minute treatment.

90 minutes – AED 500

120 minutes – AED 700

***Heart and Soul Spa is located in Al Barari