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Roberto Cavalli Launches ‘Paradiso’

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso  AED 465

Bathed in the golden hue of the Mediterranean light, she has found Paradiso, where pleasure never ends…

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso is a key to another world, an earthly paradise of thrilling sensations and voluptuous delights. It tells of an impromptu excursion on the Mediterranean Sea, of a magnificent villa and its secret garden. It speaks of the kiss of water and sunlight on one’s skin, of the evanescent smell of jasmine, of the enthralling flight of multicoloured parrots in the azure sky…

Unashamedly hedonistic, Roberto Cavalli Paradiso is a celebration of the pleasures of existence. With this fragrance, the famous Italian couturier brings everything to its climax. In his hands, the Mediterranean dolce vita is transfigured and becomes a true Paradise on earth.

The sea breeze plays in her hair, carrying the smell of flowers and a tingling sensation of joy and freedom…

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso was designed to enhance the joie de vivre. An uplifting and stimulating fragrance, it radiates delight and happiness. A resounding ode to sensuality and seduction, it encourages us to seize the moment and fully enjoy the pleasures of this earthly paradise.

The Roberto Cavalli Paradiso woman exudes charm, glee and brightness. She is optimistic and has a sunny disposition. She makes the most of life and transforms every occasion into a precious opportunity to be savoured and treasured. She understands that style and glamour are, more than a posture, a true way of life.

Sheathed in bright scales, her body glows. And on her naked skin, a rich and subtle fragrance, like a foretaste of paradise…

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso was conceived by master perfumer Louise Turner (Givaudan). An exquisite woody floral, it is a symphony of sun-filled notes inspired by the Italian landscapes.

A titillating prelude of sparkling citrus blends generous bergamot and sweet mandarin orange, catching the attention and rousing the senses. It is a fresh and joyful opening, bursting with life and light. A carnal heart note of wild jasmine follows, bringing a lush overtone of voluptuousness and sensuality.

The fragrance closes on a rich and delicate chord of cypress, pink laurel and parasol pine. A refined mix of typically Italian scents, it prolongs and amplifies the mesmerizing effect of jasmine and creates a long-lasting woody trail.

In the distance, a bird soars, its plumage iridescent like the colours of a dream. Time stands still in paradise.

The birth of this new fragrance will be celebrated through a world-wide multi-platform campaign introducing Roberto Cavalli Paradiso’s new face, Edita Vilkeviciute. Edita is an acclaimed supermodel whose career was propitiously launched by her runway debut for Cavalli. Scintillating and sexy, she radiates a stunning form of beauty and an aura of grace and modernity.

For Roberto Cavalli Paradiso’s ad print, Edita was shot by Mario Sorrenti, an Italian photographer renowned for his glamorous clichés of the world’s most beautiful women. The matching TV commercial was filmed in the Mediterranean by Jonas Akerlund. A visual feast of light and colours, it is a striking tribute to Roberto Cavalli’s conception of Paradiso.

Available at: Wojooh, Sephora, Debenhams, Areej, Paris Gallery Price: AED 465 for 100ml; AED 375 for 50ml