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The Schwarzkopf Hair Treatment by Tips and Toes

A large number of women in the Middle East suffer from dry scalp and brittle hair, hence Tips and Toes collaborated with us on a great treatment that would allow our readers to forgo the disadvantages of weak hair in every season.

With changes in trends and styles has come the need for more products for hair and skin. Most women tend to leave their hair loose or just tie a bun on a busy day. With more and more women getting out in the work field, the tendency to take extra care for our skin and hair has become ever more of a priority than before. A lot many women suffer from a dry scalp, some suffer from dry hair, split ends etc. and the list goes on. A lot of it goes back to what we eat and sometimes it can be hereditary. All in all, there is always a solution and Tips and Toes have introduced the Schwarzkopf hair treatment to address even the worst of hair conditions.

The treatment offers scalp therapy to give extra moisture to the scalp and to tackle away dryness and itchiness from the head too. A lot of what we suffer when it comes to our hair goes back to our hair roots, just like a plant, if you don’t care for it well, it will die or not grow well.

Schwarzkopf’s BC scalp therapy serum is conditioned into the roots and kept for 30 minutes before washing it off. The whole period of half an hour serves to let the serum penetrate the inner layer of the epidermis in order to give added moisture and to tackle dandruff.

Once the scalp is washed clean after the 30 mins, a hair tonic is added to intensify moisture levels to the hair follicles. The treatment is added all over the lengths of the hair and left for an hour (max) to help condition it. Later on, it is washed off, before they dry your hair and you’re ready to face the world more confidently.

Both the serum and the tonic had the following properties to help build body and target the stem cells:

  1. On the scalp – a vitamin-boosted formula.
  1. In the scalp and hair – Double-Action StemCode™ Complex

The end results we experienced:

  1. Our hair felt softer and gave off a glossy shine.
  2. Our scalp felt deeply hydrated and a lot lighter.
  3. Within a week after the treatment, we saw a slight decrease in split ends and hair break.

That was obviously even more possible with a healthy diet and a conscience after treatment hair care at home.

Our verdict: We loved it and so will you. We highly recommend this amazing hair treatment to all our readers.

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