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The Secret Behind Lancaster’s Anti-Aging Sun Control Range

Lancaster Laboratories have found that 80% of the visible signs of skin ageing are due to sun exposure. This is why Lancaster Laboratories started a true revolution in the field of sun protection.


Whereas it was thought that only UVA and UVB rays were responsible for premature skin ageing, Lancaster Research has demonstrated the incontestable role played by infrared radiation. With a much longer wavelength than UVA and UVB radiation, infrared rays reach the deepest layers of the skin, accelerating loss of firmness and photo-aging.
To fight these rays, Lancaster has developed a unique cutting-edge technology. Now this optimal anti-ageing and anti-wrinkles protection is available with LANCASTER Sun Control collection. Lancaster has incorporated all of its most high-performance technologies into the range to act at the root of pigmentation control and against all of the visible signs of ageing. These technologies include:

KM caught up with Sophie Martin-Teillard, Vice President Marketing Lancaster to find out a little bit more about this revolutionary sun control range.

Why did you decide to relaunch your anti-aging sun care range?

Lancaster has always been a pioneer in sun protection bringing to the market the best of its latest researches for superior skin protection and repair. When Sun Age Control was launched in 2010, it was really innovative and integrated state of the art technologies. Since then, we ran an important consumer study in key European markets that helped us understand better the needs of our consumers and adjust at best our offer by stretching our proposition beyond anti-ageing. In addition, our laboratories made new discoveries allowing us to remain leaders in this skincare category and upgrade our offer. First, we introduced the IR technology, to have the most complete and efficient protection of the market (UVA+UVB+Infrareds). Also, we integrated a new and more powerful anti-ageing complex, a reinforced anti-dark spot complex, and active ingredients to prevent sun sensitivity.

  • The Anti-Ageing Complex – Composed of black pepper and soy extracts, acts on the extracellular matrix to boost collagen production and help the skin to produce hyaluronic acid naturally.
  • The DNA Protect Complex and DNA Repair Complex – Act in synergy to protect and above all, support the natural repair of cellular DNA.
  • The Melanin Inhibitor Complex – A combination of licorice, red alga and daisy extracts, which regulates melanin production and prevents dark spot formation, by limiting the transfer of melanin to the upper layers of the skin.
  • The Smart Tone Complex – Gently exfoliates the surface of the skin to create an even tan (found in Sun Control SPF 30 and Sun Control SPF 50 Body).
  • The Antioxidant Complex – Neutralises free radicals, which are responsible for premature ageing.
  • Bisabolol and shea butter – Provide a soothing action. 
What are the claims and benefits for each product?

  • Sun Control SPF 50+ face protection is the highest protection of the range. Boosted by the Melanin Inhibitor Complex, the formula counters dark spots at their root and gives to the skin a soft and luminous colour. Its nourishing texture comforts even dry skin and boosts a tan’s glow.
  • Sun Control SPF 30 face protection contains the exfoliating Smart Tone Complex, that smoothes the skin and flatters a tan, giving it a perfectly even appearance. Its fine texture melts into the skin, leaving only a non-greasy velvety finish.
  • Sun Control SPF 50 Fluid main ‘plus’ boasts an ultra-practical travel-friendly bottle, and its extra fluid texture is perfect for combination skins. It also contains Melanin Inhibitor Complex.
  • Eye Contour Cream SPF 50+ has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the extremely fine and delicate eye contour area. The light, non-greasy cream, incorporating the Melanin Inhibitor Complex, is gentle on sensitive skin and shields it against attack without stinging the eyes.
  • The SPF 50 Body Milk provides a shield against attack on the skin’s surface and deep down. It prevents sun-induced dryness and leaves the texture of the skin perfectly satin smooth.
  • Sun Control After Sun Balm concentrates the best of anti-ageing care in an incredible texture acting like a ‘second skin’; it reproduces the lipid organization of the skin’s surface to offer optimal comfort and repair.

Could you explain the choice of orange and white packaging?

We have explored several new designs with sun care consumers through consumer research, and we learnt that the orange and white colours together convey both benefits of an efficient sun protection together with skincare, while keeping the “Lancaster signature” clearly recognisable by our consumers. Since Sun Control is our most advanced sun protection, with all the attributes of a powerful anti-ageing care, it was the most relevant choice to accompany this relaunch. 

What is your routine recommendation?

We recommend applying Sun Control on face, décolleté and body before sun exposure and reapplying frequently to maintain optimal protection. After sun exposure, the after sun should be applied to regenerate the skin overnight. For an even more powerful action, it can be used as a sleeping mask once a week.

For a stronger anti-aging effect and an ideal even glow, we recommend applying Lancaster 365 Anti-Dark Spot serum every day before your Sun Control protection and after sun exposure. Lancaster laboratories have proven that this routine multiplies by 2 the effectiveness of Sun Control on the parameters of an even complexion (dark spots, radiance, skin uniformity).

Lancaster’s Sun Control Skincare Range is available at leading cosmetics stores across the UAE.