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SensAsia Spa’s Eastern Renewal Therapy

As the spa marks its 11th anniversary in the UAE, it adds Eastern Renewal therapy to their service menu for spa lovers looking for that little bit extra in a full optimised spa treatment.

In honor of having established themselves in the region for the past 11 years and continuing to be UAE’s largest and most successful spa chain, SensAsia, who are known for pampering their clients to the utmost comfort and rejuvenation, have now introduced their Eastern Renewal treatment that started from September 2015 for absolute relaxation and cell regeneration.

The spa’s founder, Salina Handa, created Easter Renewal taking inspiration from her roots in Thailand. Her influence from Thailand can be found on all four branches of SensAsia in the UAE, from her signature blend oils through to the names of each treatment room that represent a map of memories for the long-term Dubai resident, businesswoman and mother-of-two.

“From the day it was just a seed in my head, SensAsia was always about a complete, multi-sensory journey,” says Salina. “I wanted, and still want, every person that leaves the spas to feel they have escaped the stresses of city life, in both body and mind, and that is why we ‘take’ them to the tranquility of the East, through not just the treatment they choose, but the smallest of touches we ensure are all around them.”

Salina Handa

Regarding her thoughts on the UAE market, “We have Dubai-ites in mind throughout the whole SensAsia journey,” assures Salina. “We keep treatments affordable so they can be built into lifestyles and our menu constantly evolves based on feedback and ideas from our long-term SensAsia devotees. They have been coming to us for 11 years. So they know what they like!”

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So what is the new Eastern Renewal all about?

The treatment starts with the Super Clean Scrub. Using Mio’s world-famous Triple Body Buff, the Super Clean Scrub is the deepest, brightest and softest body polish to appear on the SensAsia menu. In 30 minutes, the swift, intense and invigorating top-to-toe treatment encourages cell regeneration, brightens and significantly improves strength and elasticity. It is an ideal solution for dry, post-holiday season skin. Once scrubbed and at its sparkling best, the body is soothed with an ultra-warming 90-minute massage. Using exclusively designed Asian-sourced oil, containing Rosewood, Juniper, Clove and Fennel, this calming, indulgent and mind-altering massage is coupled with a heated ‘Back Pack’, which is placed on the body’s most tension-carrying spots to target and relieve pain, zap stress, and transport you even further Eastwards…

Eastern Renewal has a total treatment time of 120 minutes and costs 710dhs, which offers a saving of 129dhs on the cost of individual treatments. It is available at all SensAsia Urban Spa locations from 1st of September onwards.

So when SensAsia invited KM to try this luxurious treatment for ourselves, our verdict was simple: the treatment was absolutely stress relieving and relaxing. The skin was left soft and supple and any excess dead skin and leftover tan had vanished. It calmed the senses and provided freshness both physically and mentally. It is worth every minute of the two hours treatment duration. Highly recommended.


For more information on the Spa and the Eastern Renewal, visit: www.sensasiaspas.com, or call: +971 4 349 8850.