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Shiseido WetForce Technology Brings World First To Sun Care Products

2015 is the year that Shiseido unveils WetForce Technology – arguably the most revolutionary and progressive step forward since the invention of UV protection, and most certainly a milestone in the history of sun care products.

Let us set the scene…  If you get wet when wearing a sun protection product, say in the pool or by the sea, as a natural solvent, water dissolves a sun care product and decreases the performance of UV shields in the process.  The same happens when you perspire.  But today, Shiseido sun care products make a pact with water to protect against UV radiation so that perspiration and water now actually boost the UV protection of sunscreens!


The truly innovative WetForce Technology uses certain components in water and perspiration to achieve an unprecedented feat so the Shiseido sun care products are no longer simply very water-resistant, they are improved with water.

How: The technology acts like an ionic mineral sensor based on polarity. Among other elements, water and perspiration contain positively charged calcium and magnesium ions. When it dissolves, the molecule takes on a negative charge and becomes a magnet for the positive ions.

The properties of these ionic mineral sensors build a strong ionic bond which repels water and turns it into a UV-protection amplifier, in effect turning the negative into a positive. In vitro tests carried out before and after immersion in water have shown an increase of 10% in the formula’s UV protection value.  Incredible, right?


Expert Sun Ageing Protection SPF 30 and 50+ sun care products, available in lotion for the face and body and cream formula specifically for the face, will be the first to benefit from this amazing innovation.  Designed to provide invaluable security and sun care performance while you enjoy yourself in the water, by the water or during sport, you’ll get the same continued guarantee of anti-ageing formulas, prevention against photo-ageing effects such as wrinkles and dark spots and all with even application and resistance to water.

Shiseido laboratories have been producing ground breaking results since 1921 when they created the first sun protection product for Japanese women.  From that moment on, Shiseido have continued to improve their sun protection products by including active ingredients, by increasing their resistance to water and by refining the way they are formulated.

This innovation in the sun care domain is a perfect illustration of Shiseido’s excellence in developing unique products that bring their users ever greater safety, pleasure and effectiveness.  Why put an active life on hold when you no longer have to?

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