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Si Fashion Galerie Launches With Reserved Happiness Of Dreams Painted Through Fabrics

Dubai Design District welcomed Si Fashion Galerie, where the C.O.O. of D3, Mr Mohammad Saeed Al-Shehhi, officially cut the ribbon for the #SiLaunch.
The theme for the showroom opening was Reserved Happiness, which was Dubai’s first ever fashion theater presentation styled, choreographed, and conceptualized by the Bollywood choreographer Arindam Banerji. The performance was a colorful dream of joy that blended perfectly with the fabrics and styles of the newly opened showroom. The different use of materials ranging from ostrich feathers, taffeta, and chiffon crystals, were so dynamic that it enlightened the attendees, which in turn reserved happy memories of vibrancy through fashion!
Si Fashion Galerie is under RVS Group, which aims to revolutionize the luxury fashion experience by bringing exquisite international brands and designers to the UAE region, whilst simultaneously introducing regional brands and designers into the market; The Si Fashion Gallery official launch has swiftly broken RVS Group into the fashion retail industry with various new innovative
concepts and brands, that resonate with the dynamic and creative culture of its firm. Si Fashion Galerie is a complete fashion solutions company, providing a myriad of full service solutions whether it be quality fabrics, RTW, Couture, or Teppanyaki Couture. Teppanyaki Couture is a new concept, the word “Teppanyaki” derived from the Japanese definition of ready made in front of you, this new concept has been adapted from the designing the fashion pieces live in front of the clients. Si Fashion Galerie currently has 6 brands, consisting of Sa Soie, RVVIVA, Si Noir Abayas, Fifth Season London, and Si Fashion Galerie. Alongside the painted dream which came to reality, for the Si Launch, mannequins were artistically illustrated with gold acrylic & diamond dust in collaboration with Jim Wheat of ‘Dollars and Art’.

The #SiDollarsAndArt is sure to make headlines draped in different fabrics post the official launch, so keep on artistic eye out for this new space!

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