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Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor’s Molecular Gastronomy

Indulge in the Scientific Cooking styles of Indian Cuisine as created by Signature

Molecular Gastronomy is a term not heard by most of us, especially not by those who are barely familiar with chemistry. What happens when you take dining to a whole new level? You get delicious food served in a huge quantity which gets easily digested.

According to Signature’s head chef Aatir, “Molecular gastronomy is a science which involves the chemical and physical interference in food which affects the dining habitat. This technical innovation manages to take food to a different level entirely.”

All in all, it is basically a rich dining experience for those looking for one-of-a-kind service.

When first invited into the restaurant, the space felt cosy and people looking forward to the gastronomy menu get a special table with a private experience. Considering Signature is an Indian restaurant, the venue looks very contemporary suitable for European standards with only the instrumental music giving away clues about its ethnicity and the food likely to be served. Upon arrival, you are served with an ‘Edible Cocktail’ customised as per your preference by the Head Chef. Expect a lot of berries and tangerine flavors as common ingredients for a drink.

Every division of the meal from the opening cocktails to the appetizers to the main course and dessert is timed with a 20 minutes gap between each and it is worth it. The appetizers include Modernistic Chaat with berry crumbs and Masala Dhokla, Chicken with Green Wheat baloon and Ultra tender Lamb Chop with olive and mint hot ice- cream. The appetizer is a very satisfying experience because there is variety and plenty for two diners to share.

The main course kicks off with gas infused butter chicken in three different spices, one is minty, the second one is creamier with saffron and the last one has a burnt pepper flavour. All three of them taste like perfection only imaginable in those live cooking shows. They were served as gravies with a basket of spiced naans, the Indian rendition of flat bread. Followed by them is butter lentil curry with plain cumin rice, and there you have a hearty meal.

And leaving the best for last is the cream kulfi desert served with milk balls that turn into an invisible drink within your mouth… genius!

And what is KM’s response to the whole experience? It is definitely worth the time and the money – a real treat for foodies!

More Information
Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor is located in Melia Hotel in Bur Dubai. The four course set menu costs AED 199/ person.