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Silent Night, SensAsia Spa Time!

An ode to the classic Christmas carol and experience, this treatment offered by SensAsia Urban Spa is filled with relaxation infused with traditional fragrances of cinnamon, vanilla and sweet orange.

Feeling stressed out after a hard day of work, there’s nothing better than coming to an ayurvedic spa filled with oil based fragrances enhancing your mood. The feel of luxury and calmness in a demure setting is sure to lift the spirits..

When KM was invited for a bespoke treatment that goes by the name ‘Silent Night’, the word not only reminded us of the nostalgic Christmas Carol and festive joy, but it also evoked a sense of calm and relaxation akin to going to bed and enjoying a peaceful slumber.

As with most spas, upon arrival, you are treated with ginger tea and a hot towel in a candlelit environment. Once you are done drinking your hot tea, the therapist helps you in filling out an official form regarding ailments and medical history before leading you to your changing room and then to the spa lounge.

Once the therapist begins the treatment, aromas of natural sweet orange, vanilla and cinnamon oils – to be used during the treatment –  fill the air. Silent Night involves the use of Chinese pressure points on weak joints that need more tender care and focus for an overall physical well-being. The three mentioned oils are used on weary muscles while you lay down in a dreamy state of mind keeping your attention fully focused on the pressure points to help you feel the noticeable change and revival from your previous state of mind and body. The whole treatment lasts for 90 minutes.

Bonus: You are later made to relax in a sleeping zone with a hot chocolate.

Result: Post treatment, the body feels rejuvenated and calm but the fragrance of the three concoctions of oils leaves your body as soon as you get dressed to exit the spa, thus proving that the main experience is to be felt within the spa like “A dream within a dream” as American poet, Edgar Allan Poe, would put it.

Therefore, we at KM would recommend you this treatment to prep you for the festive season ahead and for a perfect treat before a winter holiday.

More Information
SensAsia Urban Spas are located at The Village in Jumeirah, Emirates Golf Club, Palm Jumeirah and Souk Al Manzil in Downtown Dubai. For more information, online bookings, gift purchases and a full treatment menu, visit this link.