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Skin & Beauty Expert, Rebecca Treston’s Ten Top Wedding Beauty Tips

Rebecca is a licensed Medical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist, a member of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing a highly qualified Beauty Therapist and founder and manager of Rebecca Treston@Euromed. A skilled aesthetician, Rebecca is committed to helping clients achieve and maintain healthy, younger looking skin and help improve body imperfections by offering them a combination of the latest aesthetic treatments and clinical skin care products available on the market today.

KM asked Rebecca for an exclusive on her ten top tips for looking your very best on your wedding day…

  1. Ask yourself what it is you want to achieve before the big day.  For instance do you wish to lose weight, tone up, improve skin texture, remove sun damage? Once you have your goals set then you can make a plan.
  2. Give yourself adequate time (a minimum of six months before the wedding day) to achieve your goals. If you achieve your desired results more quickly than that, it is then easier because it is just a case of having to maintain the results.
  3. Adopt a clean eating and living plan to maximise slimming and rejuvenation benefits.
  4. Seek professional help and advice, whether it is a skincare specialist, personal trainer, or doctor (this will depend on the goals you have set).  The more prepared you are the less likely you will become stressed and anxious, and morph into the dreaded bridezilla.
  5. Cosmetic surgery should be done at least six months before your day. This is important as this timeframe will allow swelling and bruising to subside and natural healing to take place.
  6. Botox and fillers should be done a month or so before the Big Day to avoid embarrassing side effects and bruising. Those who have regular treatments could do the treatments just two weeks before, feel confident about the results.
  7. To improve skin texture and tone, lighter skin peels can be done on a regular basis but it is best to start a couple months before the event to rule out any adverse reaction.
  8. Do not try anything new in the week before the Wedding.
  9. Practise yoga, find a way to relax and enjoy the pre preparations.
  10. One week before the Big Day, choose a detox programme of your choice. I like Dr Perricon’s three-day facelift diet. It is rich in anti-oxidants and is devoid of sugars, so it really helps the skin look fresh and tight, as well as helping to eradicate any signs of an indulgent Hen night!
For more information, or to book a consultation or treatment at Euromed, contact: RebeccaTreston@Euromed, 04 394 5422 www.facebook.com/rebeccatrestonaesthetics